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May 3, 2021

If you’ve wrestled with comforters before, here’s a super easy way to get this popular comforter.

I recommend washing a duvet cover like sheets – weekly is best if you’re not using a cover sheet, and biweekly to monthly chores if you are using a cover sheet. In the Clean Mama routine, Saturday is the day for bed linen + towels – the day we wash bed linen and towels. We do this on Saturday so that everyone can get involved and help.

Once you have mastered this simple method of laying duvets, you will no longer be afraid to wash your duvet cover.

Start by making your bed with clean sheets. You can see my favorite safe, natural laundry products here.

Once you have your clean sheets on the bed, turn your duvet cover over and place it on top of the clean sheets.

Lay your duvet cover on top of the duvet cover inside out.

Assuming your duvet cover has loops, place them on the corners. Alternatively, you can tie a knot at the corners of the duvet instead or sew a small loop into the corners of your duvet cover.

Tie the corners to the loops – don’t knot them to keep loosening as easy as possible when it’s time to wash again.

Next, the duvet cover on the bed in the top right corner.

Button on top of bedspread – I never fully unbutton the buttons to save time and effort.

Flatten the duvet and place it on your bed.

Add your pillows and admire this beautifully made bed!

If you need a little help with your laundry – how to wash anything and everything, folding tips, a laundry planning tool, and more, check out the new one Laundry instructions.

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