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June 17, 2021

Not everyone will like this post BUT if you have kids who play sports you know you need a way to clean these uniforms. Having two boys in baseball, I’ve found the dirt on baseball pants stains to be one of the worst, and I have a solution and method for you. Feel free to apply this to other sport pants and dirty clothes – it’s simple and easy and it really works! Ready?

Here’s what you need:

  • dirty baseball uniforms (I collect pants, shirts and socks and wash these things together)
  • Detergent spray – it works with every wash (not just smelly and dirty baseball uniforms). It works as a pre-treatment AND a cleaning agent, making it perfect for dirty uniforms.
  • Oxygen whitener – I use it on almost every load of kids’ clothing and all whites – it’s colourfast and a SAFE alternative to bleach. If you are interested, you can read why I don’t use bleach and what I use instead.

The Spray laundry package includes both items at a discount if you’re interested.

Once you have your supplies, you are ready to clean those filthy uniforms. I stack the pants on top of the washing machine and spray the stains with the detergent spray.

I put all of the uniforms in the washing machine and add a scoop or two of Oxygen Whitener to lighten, lighten, and remove stains.

Then I program the washing machine:

  • Hot water – to break down dirt
  • High spin
  • Normal to heavy soil
  • Speed ​​cycle – I’m usually in a hurry to get these uniforms cleaned between games and tournaments
  • Extra rinse – for me it makes a big difference in getting the uniforms clean and rinsing all the dirt and sand out of my pants

I run the washing machine and dry on low / medium.

Go from dirty and dingy to bright and clean! You will love this washing method when washing endless uniforms and wondering how to remove those stains. Check out the difference in these gray baseball pants!

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