Great Discount from Otsimo in honor of Autism Awareness Day 2021 

When the spring months start to turn one by one Search engine, we’re getting pretty excited; Because April is the month we spread awareness and promote acceptance of autism. April 2nd is celebrated worldwide as Autism Awareness Day and we would like to invite people to take the time to reflect on their actions and be actively inclusive.

As an award-winning company (Mom’s Choice Award Gold Badge, KidSAFE certificate and certified educational quality from Education Alliance Finland as a few of many) Otsimo was one of the leading app developers in the field of special education. It is impossible to mention Otsimo’s success without the community. We take care, hear the ideas and thoughts of parents and teachers, consult the special education professionals, and finally we put all the information together to meet the needs of our community. So are our apps
Otsimo Special Education AAC and Otsimo speech therapy SLP have helped and continue to help thousands of families around the world.

Otsimo Special Education AAC

Otsimo Special Education AAC is an application designed to meet the educational needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning disabilities. The gamified educational content (which is based on scientifically proven methods and based on the latest technology) enables children to learn and keep them busy at the same time. It’s also completely ad-free; So parents don’t have to worry about distracting advertisements, frustrating children, and disrupting their practices.

From background music to in-game teaching materials, almost every part of Otsimo Special Education AAC is customizable and can be changed depending on your individual needs. In addition, we have a family module where parents or teachers can keep up with the child’s progress by looking at the daily, weekly or monthly reports to monitor progress and make the necessary changes to the curriculum while positively reinforcing encourages children to learn.

Carefully crafted games for every skill type and level are automatically adapted to your child’s developmental level. These skills range from cognitive skills to reading and writing. We also offer a social story module in the app where your child can learn about certain social situations and socially appropriate behavior like wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing, to name a few.

In addition to special education at all development levels, Otsimo Special Education AAC also has an integrated AAC module (Alternative and Augmentative Communication). This helps nonverbal children speak and communicate anytime, anywhere. As it is our tradition to give back to the community for this year’s Autism Acceptance Month, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our AAC module in Otsimo Special Education AAC and making it even better! With other personalization features along the way, the module becomes more intuitive, has up-to-date and comprehensive content with 1700+ unique cards!

Last but not least, Longside English, Otsimo Special Education is also available in Spanish, German, Turkish and French!

Otsimo speech therapy SLP

Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP is designed to improve language and communication skills. As a companion to Otsimo Special Education AAC, Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP was also designed and developed with the input of parents, teachers, speech pathologists and of course with the efforts of our hardworking team.

Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP has more than 150 repetition practices, a proven method of learning in speech therapy. All exercises are modeled by real children and teach children how to interact and how to rotate by encouraging them to learn through imitation and imitation of their peers.

A very special feature of Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP is that it is the only speech therapy app that uses speech recognition technology and machine learning to understand and analyze whether the child is learning the pronunciations correctly! To stay up to date, we update our apps every week with new and improved content. We’re also sprinkling over mini-games that are just too much fun! All of these will help your child learn how to speak, speak, and even speak while having so much fun at the same time!

Importance of access to education and the role of Otsimo

The past year of global pandemic has been a very valuable lesson for parents and teachers everywhere: How important is continuous access to therapies and education in order for them to be effective. With their services easily accessible from your COVID safe and comfortable home, Otsimo apps are always with you when you need them.

We as the Otsimo team are proud and honored to be able to meet the needs of the special school community and develop innovations with our high quality and engaging content, which has been recognized year after year by renowned institutions such as Education as effective and helpful Alliance Finland and University of Edinburgh ASDTech.

Over the years we have served hundreds of thousands of children and their families around the world with their educational needs. However, we want to go further to provide the best educational experience possible while democratizing special education and speech therapy by making them affordable and accessible to every child who needs them.

With this goal in mind and as is our tradition, we are offering a big discount in honor of Autism Awareness Day 2021! From April 1st, the AAC annual subscription for Otsimo Special Education will be reduced by more than 70% until April 4th! So follow that Link to download Use our apps and claim the discount to enjoy the fun and educational content carefully created for you and your little hero. We hope this discount offers those who haven’t had a chance to try Otsimo and discover our ever-growing content and apps, as well as a brand new AAC module!

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Search engine in support of this campaign. We have received compensation for participating in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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