Graduation is upon us…. but so is the pandemic!

Regardless of where you live, the pandemic continues to have an impact. Latest
At that time, two of my six children were involved in graduation ceremonies
is canceled. One child finished high school, another ended life
as an elementary school student. In our house it didn’t mean ceremonies, no
Balls, no school trips or end-of-year parties.

This year it looks the same for many families, depending on which region you live in.
Parents have problems and wonder how to celebrate and make their youngsters happy
Graduates feel special. Parents these days generally think outside the box,
and graduation is no exception. What can we do?

Let them mourn
Our children experience disappointment. We have to allow it and honor it
it. We also need to encourage them to go beyond that. Yeah, it sucks, but there
is a big difference between disappointment and depression.
Disappointment is part of life. Support your children and give them the tools to use tools
go on like that.

To celebrate
The graduation looks different, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t
Celebrate it. Organize some lawn signs, family rides and let your child in
Ball gown or chic outfit for a zoom dinner with friends and family. Put together
a video montage or a photo book at the end.

It takes a village
Establish a “Grade Ninjas” program! In my church, parents create beautiful things
Gift baskets at the end – when parents register their child to deliver one
their home for their student, they also sign up to take you to another graduate. It
creates a wonderful celebration and surprise for graduates, and it’s that easy too
organize and manage.

We certainly live in other times, but there are ways to make our youth
Graduates still feel special. Yes, it can look different, but it can still be great.

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