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What’s the plan after I’m back in the blogging world? The fact is, I don’t really have one. I know I want to take it literally, I mean of course that’s not even really in question – although someone once told me why you do a book blog and book vlog and I think I’ve been away from blogging for a while The answer is “I am missing a bit of depth”. No, I don’t mean that I think all BookTube are flat, on the contrary, I actually think it’s full of the most beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent people I know. What I mean by that is that I can really dive into the depths of individual books and my thoughts about what I find easier on paper than in language. Partly because I really like a good tangent when speaking, also because writing a review is a real craft for me. I find them much easier than writing about a day trip, for example, which I find interestingly easier in a vlog. Anyway, this is not about blogging or vlogging as I think they can be complementary or work for different audiences, just like the Readers podcast. Not everyone likes every medium or even wants me on every medium. Throw in Twitter and Instagram and that’s pretty much savidgeness I have to admit.

So there will definitely be a lot of reviews. That said, I don’t think I’ll double-check everything I’ve read, what I’ve done before. Why? Well, around the house I have a bunch of shelves on the landing, all of which are books I’ve read but haven’t checked for the blog since 2016, and to be honest, a good third of them I don’t have the need to tell you roughly because either I feel a little ‘meh’ about them or I have nothing to say. This means that I have a whole bunch of books to talk about in these two years (and I will do this with a few favorites if I haven’t done it sporadically while taking my unofficial mini-break), although I won’t even think about it as much as it might cause stage fright. In the future, however, I want to talk about both the bad books and the fabulous books (IMHO) and why I loved them or not. Hopefully these books that I love you want to try out, maybe some that I don’t, because if I write reviews the way I want (and have always tried) you may see something in them that piques your interest. I don’t want to be someone who if I loathe a book you should the fucking do too, just like I don’t think you have to put your gloves on every book I love, but if you want, how beautiful . I hope this makes sense.

So these are books. On “book” stuff. I think I’ll do a few more pricing things. I love reading the women’s award longlist every year and have already got my mom to read it with me in 2019 which will be fun. I’ll be watching the Costa Book Awards of course, I’ve seen this year’s judges receive packages on social media and it really made me nostalgic and missed. Wellcome is always on my radar and lately the Walter Scott Prize has really got my attention so I could go back to their two shortlists and have a mooch (maybe, I’m not saying it is definitely). Plus, Man Booker season is just around the corner, although my thoughts on Man Booker have gotten complex over the last year – maybe that’s another post in itself.

I would also like to give some “thoughts on reading” posts. You can be quite therapeutic selfishly. Speaking of selfish, I’d also love to write some posts about reading retreats, book locations, and book vacations – mainly because it would get me to do more of them. I really enjoyed the Literary Trail with Northern Rail and would be delighted to do so. On top of that, I now work in a library and I am such a lunatic (see below, sorry, not sorry that there are lots of pictures of it on this blog from now on). I would love to write about it in any way. If there is anything you want to know, please let me know. We have some great projects ahead of us, so maybe behind the scenes this one and the library in general could work?

Then there are non-bookable things and this is where I was torn. On the one hand, I loved how I felt that there was a connection between the readers of this blog and myself (and I accept my life in many ways). I loved the way you took my grandmother into your hearts so much when she showed up. However, there were fights during difficult times, such as when she died or when my marriage fell apart and I was divorced. While it was nice to have that fellowship there, it also felt like it was hard to escape or just put everyone to bed at times. At the same time, in hindsight, I wish I had written more about grief or a breakup, as it could have helped people if they had encountered it. So, for example, I could share what the house is doing, although I’m not sure whether I want to or even be allowed to share how little Savidge comes into my life. However, writing about the process might be helpful to other people. Hmmmm. Tricky. This all probably sounds very great and I don’t want to. I only write aloud 😉 I would be interested in your thoughts.

I know I would love to write about some of the cultural things that I do. Visits to castles and mansions, concerts maybe, trips to beautiful parts of the Northwest etc. The things that interest me could also be you – so no politics, as I promise, in fact no big world, as sometimes we all need an escape from that. I could also bring back some series and maybe get some posts off the ground every now and then.

What do you all think In relation to books, books and non-books by Savidge, what would you like to see? I would be really interested to know. So spill …

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