Funny Christmas Cards Perfect for 2020

When you get your holiday cards ready for this year, do yourself a favor. Look for “funny Christmas cards” embossed on. These cards are PRICE FREE and really the only way to commemorate 2020 with a card.

Here are some fun Christmas card options to combine with your Christmas letter this year.

All is well

What could 2020 be more than a card wishing everyone a “happy” Christmas season. I laughed really out loud when I saw what makes it an automatic win in my book.
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Listen, if someone bothered to send you a Christmas card in 2020, better put it on the fridge and keep it for eternity. Crazy props.
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Of all the tools that deserve an Honorable Mention in this year’s Christmas Card, it’s Zoom. Love it or hate it, it represents our year.
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I remember when my kids were toddlers – I tried to take cute “Christmas PJ” photos and it didn’t go well. In the end, I had a lot of outtakes and no usable recordings. How I wish I had this card back then, it would have been perfect!
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For everyone who feels quarantined on day 900, this is the card for you!
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For the families who can’t get a good photo from the first shot – grab this honest Take 37 card. This is another one that makes me laugh.
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Where to get Christmas cards

One thing I love about Minted is that it lets you upload a photo and search with your photo, which is automatically added to each card. You can then click on the card you want and complete the adjustment by cropping your photo or adding whatever text you want. Listen!

More fun Christmas cards

If nothing above piqued your interest, try one of these other Christmas cards that are full of fun!

Are you sending Christmas cards this year? I would love to hear which one is your favorite.

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