Free Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards

Today I’m going to show you an easy (and free) way to do it personalized valentine’s day cards!

To do this simple homemade Valentine’s Day cards You need:

Don’t let these coloring pages put you off, they are so easy to make! You can do this right on your computer for free. I made a quick and easy tutorial so you can make coloring pages from family photos yourself! I printed out different options and let my kids color in their favorites.

Then I carefully drew a heart on the back of the coloring sheet and cut it out by hand. After that, all that’s left to do is glue the heart to a folded piece of construction paper and add the words! Voila! Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards!

Valentine's day card

We use this as a Grandparents Valentine’s Day gifts, but you can personalize them for anyone! Try sweet phrases like

“To Grandma, from your favorite Valentines …”

“Dear grandma, be ours!”

Since you can use the tutorial to turn any digital photo into coloring pages, you can take pictures of aunts with their nieces and nephews, or even cousin photos for grandparents!

Do your children homemade valentines day cards? What family members would love a personalized card this year?

ps – you can also use these personalized coloring pages to create homemade coloring books – our kids love these!

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