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August 21, 2021

I love an organized office! I took some time this week when the kids went back to school to tidy up and organize a bit. I will definitely join the organization as soon as I see these school supplies on the shelves – anyone else? Every time I post a picture of my office I get loads of sourcing questions and today it’s all about – answering your questions and sharing where it all came from, right down to the color. Continue reading!

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Here’s a scaled down photo of the office – it’s a great size with a window but no closet. I added a corner desk and another chair to the small desk on the right to make it an area for the kids and I to work together, but it’s mostly the Clean Mama work zone. On the right side there is a large bookshelf with compartments for storage and a filing cabinet – we also keep the paper shredder, the computer printer and the docking / charging station for cell phones and tablets in here.

Desks | Desk chairs | Wall organizer | Filing cabinet | Docking station

Here is a little more close-up of the desk area – on the right my laptop with a large monitor, keyboard and mouse, and on the left I have a desktop computer. Yes, I usually filled in the calendar and the bulletin board, but I wanted to start this week with a blank sheet of paper.

Lazy Susan | File folder | Paper organizer | Storage boxes

I talked about this organizational system in the office beforehand, it’s super simple, but I love it. I bought this file folder shelf for my household planner – pre-order here – and household folders, notepads and notebooks. Instead of putting these things on my desk or in a drawer, this system keeps them where I use them and keeps them close at hand. You can find all the paper goods shown here in my shop. Do you see this foretaste? The DIY Cleaning Recipes Pocket Notebook will be in the shop in September!

Budget planner in tip | Acrylic file folder | Stationery | Favorite pens + pencils

Did you see those clear post-it notes? So much fun and a great tool to use in a planner or notepad.


Here’s a look inside a couple of desk drawers – I just used some bowls and containers I had and put them together to organize desk items. I love berry baskets and egg shells to organize. I put the small cafe au lait bowls and egg tray on an acrylic tray to hold them in place.

Here is another drawer – similar concept and it keeps things tidy and fits well too!

I love the color in this room – it was one of the first rooms we painted when we moved in over 10 years ago and I haven’t changed it.

buxton blue

Benjamin Moore – Buxton Blue – here is a post with all paint colors in our house.

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The Homekeeping Planner 2022 is officially available for pre-order! Benefit from the pre-order prices (ENDS TOMORROW, 08/22) and receive a discount code of 15% on all new products that will be launched this autumn.

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Here is a look inside – Find more pictures here. What I’m most happy about is the additional space for to-dos. Here’s a look at the weekly page layout….

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