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A diaper supply, if done correctly, can save you a lot of time and money. Everything you need to know about diaper refilling is here.

Diapers can be one of the most expensive parts of a baby and toddler. However, if you pay attention to sales and find ways to save on diapers,

Diaper supply

Diaper supply

When it comes to getting baby items, here is my biggest rule:

Never pay full price

There are so many offers and ways to save out there that I think this is a pretty simple rule to follow. I see diaper coupons in our newspaper newsletters, online, and even just by checking out social media!

Knowing how many diapers you will need in the first year will make it even easier to stock up when you see a lot. You don’t just have to stock up on your child’s size.

When should you start covering yourself with diapers?

This is the one question I hear a lot – when should you start stocking up?

I hesitate to give a consistent answer. When pregnant you may see a lot that just can’t be missed. I know I’ve done it a couple of times! Knowing which brand we liked with Jack, it was a little easier for me to justify the stocking up before Oliver was born.

I don’t think I would stock up on sizes over one before your baby is born just in case the type you are getting won’t work with your baby (either fit, skin sensitivity, etc).

After your baby is born and you get a good idea of ​​how it seems to be growing, what type of body it is, etc. I’d say join in! No problems with filling up.

When it comes to wipes … start stocking up as soon as you see an incredible deal, as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. The thing about wipes is that you can use them no matter how big your baby is.

Keep in mind that some babies are more sensitive than others so I would love to stock myself up with non-odor / targeted towels until you know for sure how your child is reacting.

How to find the best deals on diapers

You may be wondering how can you even get diapers at these lower prices per diaper?

The possibilities are endless! Check out this post for the best ways – How to Save Diaper. However, here is a brief summary.


EVERY parent must register with Amazon Family. You really can get the best deals on diapers (along with other products) by using their subscription and storage program. You can use this link to get a free 30-day trial. This is where we buy most of us.


Either new newspaper newsletters, emails or websites, you can almost always find a voucher. If you are not branded, this can be especially helpful.

I love Coupons.com. Browse through the coupons and print them out every week.

Cash back apps

I’m a big fan of cashback apps because you can use them on top of regular coupons! I often see diaper discounts here.

Here is an article that I wrote about – I’ve done hundreds with it – The Best Cashback Apps. Number one I would recommend signing up for is Ibotta. Get $ 10 back instantly after redeeming your first discount by signing up using our link.

Deal websites –

I recommend following a deal website that shares diaper deals. I always like Freebies2Deals and Utah Sweet Savings!

Reward programs

Many diaper companies have reward companies. These can sometimes help you get more diapers or earn rewards for other products. I love the Pampers Reward program – there are random reward numbers that you can use without buying a diaper.

Club / camp

If you’re not really a huge fan of couponing and what not, I think stores like Sam’s Club have the best prices right away. They’re higher than using coupons, but there’s definitely the added convenience of large box sizes and availability.

Diaper Stock Up Price

I see a lot of different ideas as to what the ideal storage price is. To be honest, it could be different for everyone! But since I’ve read tons of different blogs, I find that everyone definitely has their number.

The first thing to keep in mind is to look at the individual cost of each diaper, rather than the cost of the box. This is where you can find the best deals and value.

The bigger the diaper gets, the more you will likely pay more per diaper … but you will * most likely * also use less diaper as your baby gets older (since most babies / toddlers don’t have diapers every time they feed like a newborn! ).

Below are the averages that I found from the blog posts I read and my own experience. You can occasionally find them cheaper by looking at the deals and sales (I’ve seen people get diapers for as little as 8 ¢ per diaper), but I think these are pretty reasonable. I feel like I’ve seen people say between 0.10 and 0.15 cents many times, although this will vary depending on the size of the diaper.

Also, remember that in an emergency there is an emergency. These are the prices I would recommend stocking up on – don’t necessarily drive you crazy trying to figure out if you’re in trouble. I think trying to find a diaper under 16 ¢ in general is a great find.

Newborns: 12 ¢ – 16 ¢

Size 1: 10 ¢ – 14 ¢

Size 2: 10 ¢ – 15 ¢

Size 3: 10 ¢ – 15 ¢

Size 4: 13 ¢ – 15 ¢

Size 5: 15 ¢ -22 ¢

Size 6: 15 ¢ -26 ¢

Diaper stock up prices

Best price for stocking wipes

I think striving for less than 2 ¢ per wipe is pretty good business. You can often find wipes deals for $ 1 or less – even for as little as 50 cents (the most savvy shoppers may even get them for free!).

Whenever you see good sales of towels – stock up! You can also use them after your children are no longer wearing diapers.

Although I prefer Pampers for diapers, I really like Huggies towels!

Best diaper brand

It really depends on your baby and your preferences. With our two oldest boys, however, we mainly used Pampers Swaddlers. On our third, we used Huggies Snugglers and found that they work the best.

I remember when Jack was born we had a different brand of diapers – not only did I feel like they were small, but they didn’t hold onto anything either! We then tried a different brand … and then the same thing happened.

Diapers were the only thing that contained blowouts and urine all night. I like how soft they are and how moist they are.

In my survey, Pampers emerged as the most popular diaper brand. 34.6% of respondents said Pampers were their favorites – the closest brand was 25%.

However, I strongly recommend ordering a sample package from Diaper Dabbler. They allow you to order a variety of different brands of diapers so you don’t have to buy a large pack to find out it won’t work for your child. I wish this existed when my boys were little (especially my first ones).

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