Essential Oil Blends – Clean Mama

April 21, 2021

I am so excited to introduce Clean essential oil blends from mom in business. As you probably know, I recommend using essential oils in my DIY cleaning recipes, in the laundry room, and around the house. Some of my favorite uses are a few drops on wool dryer balls in any DIY cleaning spray and scrub, and they’re great for spreading too – no mixing and measuring, just choose your perfectly premixed mixture and add it to your vehicle’s’ of choice and enjoy The natural and safe fragrance.

I’ve narrowed down my favorite, most used mixes and bring them to you. Cant wait to hear what you think of them and how they work in your cleaners and at home. At $ 10 each, they’re affordable and a great addition to your home.

COZY Home Blend – Lemon + clove – the Clean Mama signature fragrance – warm and citrus, my favorite.

CALM Home Blend – Lavender + eucalyptus – that smells like a day at the spa, definitely one of my favorites!

CLEAN Home Blend – Lemon, palmarosa, coriander, grapefruit pink, bergamot and tea tree – this is similar to the deodorizing mixture that used to be in the store, but with more citrus fruits – it’s lovely!

FRESH house mix – Vanilla, peppermint + spearmint – the perfect combination of sweet mint, ideal for bathrooms!

Come and check out all of the Clean Mama Essential Oil Blends in the shop!

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