Easily Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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Whenever I went to the grocery store, I was always scared of what my bill would be at the checkout. With a large family and five children who are always hungry, I felt like my bank account was hanging by a small thread. However, I’ve found a few ways to easily save money while shopping.

Learning to save money on groceries is one of the many things I think every mom should learn. There are so many resources and tips out there that you can easily incorporate into your own purchase. Grocery shopping definitely doesn’t have to make you feel broke.

Read these tips to cut your grocery shopping bill in half!

Shop at More Than One Store

While buying everything in one store saves time, it doesn’t save money. Immediately drop this habit and check other local grocery stores to see if they have deals on items that you need to buy. You could save yourself a ton by shopping in multiple stores.

Eat seasonally

Food is at its best price and taste when bought in season. Familiarize yourself with the growth in your area this season. You can also top up the fresh farm offerings from your local farmers market! Seasonal dining can also be a fun and inexpensive way for your family to eat something new that you never knew you liked.

Remember: Most fruits and vegetables freeze well. So buy some more and put them in the freezer for later!

Shop less

Make a habit of visiting the grocery stores only when necessary. It means less temptation to buy unnecessary items. Plan your meals weekly or monthly in advance. You can then easily get it all at once.

Stick to your shopping list

Don’t go blind to the supermarket. Make a plan by making a shopping list. Stick with it! You are sure to save more if you only buy what you need.

Start couponing

Make a habit of checking your local grocery stores for coupon deals this week. You can find lots of great deals most of the time, and easily plan your meal plan for that week too!

Check out the best places to get printable grocery vouchers!

Buy groceries in their cheapest form

There are a handful of different types of food you can buy that are cheaper in their form than in a can. For example, dried beans are cheaper than canned beans. A lettuce is also cheaper than wrapped.


Do you see good deal in something that you buy regularly? Buy several and keep them in your home. This is another easy way to avoid paying full price.

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