DIY Wood Kitchen Table Spray – Clean Mama

April 22, 2021

One question I get a lot is how do I clean our wooden kitchen table. I love to have a wooden table, it shows signs of use but has an “seasoned” look and I love it. With three kids, three plus meals a day, homework, art projects, games and all sorts of activities at this table. It’s important to keep it clean and in the best possible condition. I mix a simple soap mixture with water – spray and wipe clean after meals and activities.

pictured: Cozy Home Blend Essential Oil | Premium cleaning wipes in Sparkle Print | Natural dish soap | Spray bottle straps | Glass spray bottle

This is a super easy recipe, no rinsing is required. Play around with the soap to water ratio and find out what works for you! The essential oil is optional and gives the kitchen a pleasant scent after cleaning.

DIY wood kitchen table spray
2 cups of filtered water
1-2 teaspoons of castile or dish soap
3-5 drops of essential oil – I love the Cozy Home Blend (lemon + clove) for this recipe

Mix, shake, spray, wipe and repeat as needed throughout the day.

We have this table and chair set from Crate & Barrel – we’ve had it for over ten years and love it for its rustic feel and durability. I use this beeswax polish to protect / condition them as needed.

Do you have a wooden kitchen table? Let me know if you try this oh-so-simple solution!

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