Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

We had a great time last month when we had several six year olds come over and tried out some new and classic toys for the upcoming holiday season. This age is full of imaginative play, dress up, and other games so choosing imaginative toys is the right way to go.

Of course, these toys are great for boys and girls, but today we’re going to focus on the top gifts that girls liked. Here are the best toys for 6-year-old girls, from dress-up shoes and mermaid tails to scented markers and color-changing umbrellas. This comprehensive list is sure to have something a six year old girl is sure to love in your life!

Our top 5 tips for the best toys for 6 year old girls

2021 gift guide; The best toys for 6 year old girls

Healthy roots chrysalis

healthy roots zoe doll

Healthy Roots creates dolls and picture books to empower young girls and represent the beauty of diversity. One study found that only 4 out of 10 girls love their curls, so the founder of Healthy Roots set out to change that. Her dolls encourage educational play and hairstyles, and make young girls feel empowered.

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Stationery set with a fruit scent from GirlZone

Best toys for 6 year old girls

This colorful stationery set is sure to be a hit with every six year old girl! Features a pink and purple tote bag with four different zippered compartments so you can store and organize your pens, pencils and markers on the go. The 38 markers that come with the set have a fruity scent with tempting berries, oranges, lemons and more! Promote creativity with this unique stationery set!

Long range walkie talkies

Best toys for 6 year old girls

With this awesome walkie talkie set for kids, little girls can keep in touch with their best friends up to two miles away! Six year old girls might be too young for cell phones, but they can still talk and learn to be in charge of a phone with a fun walkie-talkie set! These walkie-talkies have three channels and an adjustable volume.

They are durable and designed to be used outdoors so they can withstand the wear and tear of being carried around all day! These small and lightweight walkie-talkies produce clear sound and even block out background noise for improved transmission. Let the adventures begin!

KidiZoom Creator Cam

Child camera

This camera enables your little creator to make fun home videos. It was specially developed for children, so it is easy to use and even offers image editing in front of the camera. It also comes with the selfie stick / tripod you see in the picture above and has over 20 animated backgrounds (like a T-Rex chasing you!) To spark your little one’s imagination.

One thing I love about this camera is that the videos can only be uploaded using a USB cable which is a good security feature.

Bearaby Nappling

Bearaby blanket

Do you have an active child who is struggling to calm down at the end of the day? I know I will do it for sure! The Bearaby Nappling is a weight blanket for children aged 4 to 14 years that is geared towards their active mind and body. Relaxing after a day of playing and studying can be a challenge for small bodies. Weight blankets provide a natural calming tool to help children settle down and fall asleep easier, deeper, and longer. Better sleep means better focus and helps them in academic and social settings. Which is amazing for mom too! They can also help relieve anxiety and manage symptoms of autism and ADHD.

Whatever your reasoning, there are many benefits to sleeping with a Bearaby Weighted Blanket, and they make an adorable gift! Each blanket is made of natural, perfectly weighted, highly breathable, hand-knitted organic cotton. They are available in 5 color variations, are super cozy, calming and will by far be your child’s favorite blanket.

Boutique Beauty Dress-Up Playset

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Every girl wants to feel like a princess, so why not give a little girl in your life the wardrobe that belongs to one? This boutique beauty playset comes with all the accessories she needs to complement her best princess dresses.

This play set contains four pairs of beautiful slip-on princess shoes in gold, silver, pink and blue. Matching jewelry to complete your look: three bracelets, three rings and two pairs of dangling earrings! Your little princess can even invite a friend over to her dress-up game.

Doctor playset

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Whether your daughter wants to become a doctor when she grows up or is just nervous about going to the dentist, this playset is for you! The Doctor Playset is perfect for playing with friends or practicing on their stuffed animals.

This 25-piece set contains doctor and dentist tools as well as a waterproof nurse costume! Even better, the doctor and dentist tools light up and make sounds for realistic playtime. Comes with a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer and more so your kids can enjoy realistic imaginative play alone or with friends!

Projector night light

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Banish bad dreams forever with this projector night light! This fascinating, colorful projector throws dazzling images on the ceiling and walls and creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere for bedtime.

Change the theme according to your children’s interests: choose from the starry night theme with stars and a crescent moon or the marine life theme with dolphins, fish and bubbles!

Color changing umbrella

Color changing umbrella

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are fashionable AND functional. For example this fabulous umbrella with color changing! The adorable fish pattern comes to life when it gets wet in the rain – what more could a six year old girl want ?!

Walks in the rain are much more fun with this umbrella, and at 25 inches wide, it’s the perfect size for any little girl.

Make your own bath bomb set

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Self-care gifts are always a hit, and bath bombs are trending as great self-care items. So give a little girl in your life the chance to do some fun crafting and indulge yourself with the Your Own Bath Bombs kit! The perfect party or overnight activity, this kit contains enough materials to make 12 fragrant and shaped bath bombs.

The set contains shapes for making animals, ice cream cones and traditional round bath bombs, as well as 3 different colorings and a strawberry-kiwi scent. This kit will unleash creativity and a lot of fun for your little ones by making items to give away, share with friends, or keep and enjoy!

Cushion cover for coloring the world map

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Painting is a fun and relaxing activity that kids can enjoy. But why stick to traditional coloring books when you could give away a pillowcase to paint your own map of the world ?!

This set comes with 10 special fabric markers so the pillowcase can be dyed, washed and re-dyed for endless fun! This toy is also educational as it includes a world map with the outlines of the continents and various pictures and words related to the countries on the map. An excellent quiet activity that is also functional – the perfect gift!

Barbie dream horse

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Always at the top of the list of the best toys for 6 year old girls is Barbie. You heard about the Barbie Dreamhouse. We are now introducing the Barbie Dream Horse! For the girl who loves Barbie, this toy set is a perfect addition to the houses, cars, and dolls we all know and love.

This unique toy features a horse that can walk, turn, neigh, and even eat! The set plays music and interacts through touch, making your time with this playset unforgettable. Your little one can ride any Barbie into the sunset and prove her skills to her friends! The perfect toy for a little girl who loves horses!

Pretend school set and play

Best toys for 6 year old girls

One of the best toys for 6 year old girls is this Pretend and Play School Set. It’s a great way to nurture an early love for learning. With this educational play set, little girls can practice studying on their own or play teacher with friends.

It comes with many of the learning tools that can be found in real classrooms, such as: This play set can help reduce fears about the first day of school and encourage a natural love for learning.

3D night light lamp

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Are you looking for a unique night light to lull your child to sleep? Try this 3D teddy bear night light! It has an optical panel that, in combination with LED lights, creates the illusion of a 3D image – in this case a cuddly teddy bear!

There are 7 color options or a setting that gradually blends the colors into one another as your child falls asleep. This gift will help any little girl feel safe and comfortable, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Mermaid tail blanket

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Make a splash with this gorgeous, hand crocheted mermaid tail blanket! Perfect for playing or going to bed, this blanket will help your little girl imagine life under the sea, swim through the waves and make friends with the fish! It feels soft and comes in many different colors.

This blanket becomes a talking point at overnight stays or parties and even comes with a special mermaid necklace that makes this set the perfect gift! The bright colors and scale pattern of this blanket won’t disappoint.

Fashion Design Friction Plate Set by Melissa & Doug

Best toys for 6 year old girls

Calling all fashionistas! Let your little ones benefit from their creative side with this fashion design friction plate set. With the interchangeable plates it is easy to practice creating beautiful outfits. Simply select the panels, place the paper on them, and rub the pencil over them to reveal the outline of the design.

From there, your little girl can color in her new creation! Hours of fun await with this grater design set. This activity set is self-contained and has a handle so your new designer can take her show with her on the go!

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