Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams

Let’s take a look at the best stretch mark creams on the market!

Oh, the fun things that come with pregnancy. Yes, of course you will have this adorable baby that you will love with all your heart, but there are a few side effects that come with bringing a little bundle of joy into the world. A common side effect of pregnancy is stretch marks. Stretch marks are a part of life caused by rapid weight gain, and while stretch marks don’t go away completely, they fade over time. Using stretch mark cream to keep your skin hydrated will reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks and has the potential to prevent new ones from appearing.

Overview of stretch marks

Stretch marks are discolored lines or spots that appear anywhere your skin has stretched quickly. These markings can be pink, red, or purple and tend to fade to silver or light purple over time. Both men and women can get stretch marks and they appear any time there is significant weight gain, from pregnancy, muscle gain, or weight gain. The appearance of stretch marks are actually scars from the skin that stretch and tear. The most common spots for stretch marks during pregnancy are the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and breasts.

How to avoid stretch marks

The only way to avoid stretch marks is to keep your skin hydrated with a lotion, but even with daily hydration, you can still get stretch marks. Moisturizing and staying hydrated helps keep skin plump and healthy, but still, most pregnant women have stretch marks at some point during their stretch marks.

Best stretch mark cream

How to treat stretch marks

The best treatment for stretch marks is to stay hydrated and use a stretch mark-specific lotion. These products have ingredients selected to reduce the appearance and heal the skin by building collagen to thicken the skin and keep the skin hydrated. Stretch marks fade over time and by using some of the best creams for stretch marks you can decrease their visibility and your skin heal faster.

The best stretch mark creams for pregnancy

The current market is full of creams that target stretch marks, especially those related to pregnancy. The following best creams are categorized to make it easy for you to find the product that suits your needs and budget.

Options for natural stretch mark cream

Stretch mark creams with more natural and organic ingredients often use cocoa butter, shea butter, and essential oils to moisturize and heal. Choosing a natural cream for stretch marks is an option for those who are looking for all-natural products for mother and baby in their daily life.

Stretch marks cream

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

I’ve been obsessed with the Burt’s Bee’s line for years. Their products are amazing for the skin. This cream comes in a jar and contains cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba butter. In addition, vitamin E offers a nourishing, rich, and moisturizing product. There’s no odor, so your pregnancy super scents won’t make you sick. Check it out here!

best stretch mark cream

Stretch marks and scars cream from Body Merry

Stretch Marks and Scars from Body Merry is a well-known and award-winning stretch mark stretch mark cream. This formula uses vegetable oils and natural cocoa butter to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It also moisturizes and has built-in protection to help smooth the skin. It helps maintain a natural and healthy glow. The jar may be small, but this cream goes a long way with its rich natural ingredients selected to firm the skin and lighten the appearance of blemishes. Check the current prices here!

Drugstore options

There are also great offers for pregnant women in drugstores or grocery stores. So you can easily pick up a stretch mark cream on the go. Many of these products use natural ingredients along with common beauty product ingredients to offer a useful cream at an affordable price.

Organic oil cream for stretch marks

Organic oil

Bio-Oil is one of the most popular anti-stretch mark creams and is recommended by dermatologists. This one isn’t exactly a cream. Instead, it’s a moisturizing, non-greasy oil that is known for its healing properties. So if you don’t like stacking on top of a large piece of cream then this is a great option for you. Check the current prices here!

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula

Palmer's stretch mark cream

A well-known stretch mark cream that has been in the market for decades. In fact, I used that on my first child. I piled what felt like buckets of that cocoa butter on my stomach. Their line of products includes a stretch mark massage lotion and belly butter. Ideal for head-to-toe hydration, this duo uses essential oils and natural ingredients. Check the current prices here!

Gold Bond Stretch Mark Stretch Cream

Strength and resilience of the gold bond

This body lotion is a great option for moisturizing and retaining moisture because of its use of proteins and lipids. This product is marketed as an anti aging product but is a great drug store option for reducing stretch marks. It also keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. Check the current prices here!

best stretch mark cream

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion

While not my favorite brand, this lotion is affordable and makes a great everyday lotion as well as stretch mark cream. If you are on a tight budget this is a great option. The natural ingredients include cocoa butter and shea butter, which are superbly hydrated. While the petroleum jelly component helps retain moisture and add a glow to your skin. Check the current prices here!

High end options for stretch mark cream

When you want to invest a little more in your stretch mark cream. There are several high-end options that will provide the healing and hydration that you need. This would be a great choice for those with deeper or larger stretch marks. In addition, for older stretch marks or for a special weekly pampering session.

Pregnancy cream

Lauren’s all-purpose ointment

Lauren’s All Purpose Salve is an amazing blend of cream and oil to create a rich ointment that can moisturize almost anything. This glass is a little expensive. However, it would be a great option for both mother and baby as it can be used on stretch marks and skin diseases and is an amazing moisturizer. Check the current prices here!

best stretch mark cream

Mustela skin care set

Another great product on the market is Mustela. You have a great skin care duo for tummy and stretch marks. This kit contains a stretch mark cream and a nourishing balm to heal and protect your skin during pregnancy and after childbirth. Both products contain natural ingredients and the specific formulas target all areas of concern for pregnant women. Check current prices here!

No matter where you are in your pregnancy or even after giving birth, remember that stretch marks are natural and almost inevitable. Use a moisturizing lotion and stretch mark cream consequent will dramatically help hydrate and reduce the appearance of your skin, and stretch marks will fade over time.


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