Best Postpartum Underwear – 10 Great Options + Things You Should Know

And in today’s edition of things you definitely didn’t think about before you became pregnant; the best postpartum underwear! That’s right, you won’t be slipping back into your pre-pregnancy panties right away. You and your body worked so hard to create your precious new baby and after giving birth you will need to give yourself a little extra care to feel comfortable and happy.

Mothers who have a caesarean section or vaginal delivery both need to shop around for birthing underwear to keep things good down there. Here are the best postpartum panties out there, plus a few tips for new moms.

Why you need postpartum underwear

Postpartum underwear is designed to keep this messy and sometimes painful time in your life as simple as possible. Whether it’s postpartum bleeding or just pain, regular panties are unlikely to provide the same type of help or be gentle enough for you after delivery.

You’ll want to find a pair that will give you support and protection, with materials and shapes that won’t irritate sewing and are comfortable for your body after giving birth.

They also likely provide some type of compression that will help you move more easily and heal faster. Compression underwear is something you will be excited about and is one of the best underwear to wear after giving birth.

You’ll want to look for a super breathable pair as this will prevent infection by keeping your vaginal area dry and allowing air to air into wounds that are still healing.

If you need a little more relief check out our DIY padsicles, they are a lifesaver.

best underwear for after the birth

Materials to look out for in underwear after giving birth

  • Postpartum Mesh Underwear – You will likely find this material in disposable underwear. It’s not the strongest, but it won’t take you very long. It’s extremely breathable, which is one of the most important factors.
  • Wick moisture
  • Microfiber Microfiber is a slightly stronger material than mesh, but very absorbent.
  • Cotton – This is the most comfortable material for underwear, which makes it a great choice for bedtime. Your skin won’t be irritated by this and it’s still breathable like the others.
  • Spandex- If you’re a fan of compression underwear for bedtime, chances are they’ll be made from a spandex material.
  • Silicone Panel – Some models of postpartum underwear have a silicone panel to soothe c-section scars or a pocket to hold an ice pack.

Choose your style – the best underwear for the postpartum period

There’s really no right or wrong here. There are several types of bedside underwear. Rather, your choice should be based on what you feel most comfortable in! Below are the most common options and top rated underwear for childbirth.

  • Full briefs
  • compression
  • Slight increase
  • C-section specific
  • Disposable

Best postpartum underwear

Best postpartum underwear

Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties – 2020 Favorite

Kindred Bravely Postpartum Underwear

Kindred Bravely has our favorite nursing bras for their amazing comfort. With these ultra-soft, high-waisted recovery panties, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort – a must for your hospital bag! These undergarments can be used for vaginal delivery, post-surgery or recovery from a caesarean section.

Postpartum underwear is made of ultra-stretchy fabric that sits over your waist (or caesarean section) and naturally adapts to your changing body. A perfect transition to your mesh hospital underwear, these panties have plenty of room for padding, and the wide lace waistband won’t rub or dig in.

Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Bikini Bottoms – Top Rated By Consumers!

Nobody said postpartum panties couldn’t be pretty! While many panties have a high waist postpartum, this underwear sits right under your tummy after pregnancy because yes, you will have one for a while, and they come in several feminine colors with lace. They hold up maternity panties just as well as any other option, but if you’re going to have a cesarean section, deviate from them as they won’t protect your healing scar. Check out their amazing reviews on Amazon – over 5,000 reviews and 4.5 stars!

Fruit of the Loom Beyond soft short panties

I think the name pretty much gets you to the point, they’re more than soft and that’s probably exactly what you’re looking for. Fruit of the Loom is pretty cheap so they take care of the job. They’re machine washable, but you can toss them when they’re done.

These underwear are great underwear, especially in the first few weeks, as your stomach will shrink.

Women’s mesh holes Breathable leak-proof period panties

If you are concerned about leaks, these are an option that will give you a little extra protection. They are available in different colors and are made from a combination of spandex, nylon and cotton.

Closecret Ladies Comfort Cotton Stretch Classic slip stretch

These comfy black panties will give you the full coverage you need after giving birth. A lot of mothers say they have a perfect fit and really great quality. They’re super stretchy, which is perfect for a new mom’s changing body.

Upspring C-Panty High Waist

best postpartum underwear

Your body may not go back to normal right away, but that doesn’t mean your waist can’t have it all together. These high-waisted spandex-blend panties will hold you in all the right places.

They also extend well over the belly button. This makes them a great option for those dealing with cesarean section recovery and who need to keep the tape from rubbing their surgical bandage. These also have the silicone plate to soothe those caesarean scars.

Giftpocket women’s underbelly maternity panties

These briefs come in a variety of packs with fun colors and designs. Not only are they cute, they’re also one of the few other great options for moms who don’t want to wear a high waist. They cross to fit under your stomach without the pressure of a seam. They are also available in many sizes, because every booty deserves a comfortable fit.

New Beginnings disposable underwear after childbirth

You may not want to live with this postpartum stage of life forever, so these disposable pants are the perfect option. Instead of living in your drawer forever, we want them to be thrown in the trash after 20 years.

Sloggi bikini or full letter

Having options is always good, isn’t it? Sloggi makes a few different fits of underwear that make it easy for you to find your perfect pair. They are also comfortable, soft and breathable.

Queen Bee high waist postpartum pelvic repair trousers

This is another pair of underwear that will help you hold it all together. It’s not just the hold of these (huge) pregnancy pads that will help you hold your abs, which will likely need a little help, too.

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear – Best Postpartum Disposable Underwear

If you imagine that aisle in your favorite grocery store “¦ or rather Target” ¦ that has everything you need for your dreaded time of the month, there is likely one brand that stands out in your mind. I know for myself that the brand is Always. You have my trust. Now they have developed a disposable underwear for the postpartum that has an integrated pillow and odor protection.

In addition to postpartum underwear, you should also try postpartum belts or belly wraps to improve your comfort.

Ok moms, I hope our lineup of the best postpartum panties will help you find the right pair for you. There are many great options for underwear after your baby is born. Feel free to message us with any questions or visit our Facebook mothers group where we have a great group of mothers helping each other. There are many great options now.

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Postpartum underwear is designed to keep this messy and sometimes painful time in your life as simple as possible.  Regular panties likely won't offer the same type of help or be gentle enough for you after giving birth.  I hope our breakdown of the best postpartum panties will help you find the right pair for you.  There are many great options now.  #postpartum # underwear #formama #newmoms #mamatips #momtips

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