Best Cradle Cap Brush [The Top 5 Ranked!]

While Cradle Cap really isn’t a cause for concern and it is unlikely to bother your baby, I absolutely understand that you want to get rid of him asap. Cradle cap (infant seborrheic dermatitis) are crusty white or yellow scales that appear on your baby’s scalp due to excessive oil production. You can use cradle-cap shampoo to loosen these flakes, but you can also use a cradle-cap brush to remove the flakes.

This skin condition is mainly due to your baby getting used to life outside the uterus. Hey, getting used to the outside world is pretty tough and we might all take a little time to adjust! Remember that the cradle cap is likely to resolve on its own within a few months.

What you need to know about the cradle cap

You can use the cradle cap shampoo and brush to remove the dandruff from your baby’s scalp, but you want to make sure you are always gentle. Also, keep in mind that using these methods to clean up your cradle cap is temporary and likely to recur. It is most common in babies under 3 months of age, but can persist up to around 4 years of age. In most cases, the excess oil production will eventually stop and eventually go away on its own.

How to use a cradle cap hairbrush

You want to gently loosen and remove flakes. However, you don’t want to scratch or tug on it. Brush your baby’s hair only once a day and watch for irritation or redness. If you notice this, reduce the number of brushes you do.

It is best to move the brush in one direction, making sure to brush all the way through to completely remove the flakes.

This brushing method works on both dry and wet hair. I always brushed my baby’s hair right after bathing because the flakes then seemed loose and easy to remove.

Best cradle cap brush [The Top 5 Ranked!]


best cradle cap brush

This Safety 1st option is the best brush for heavy cradle cap. It will pick up enough flakes for the cradle cap shampoo to actually reach the scalp. This brush is simple but has everything you need to safely comb out scabbard flakes.

One side of the brush has soft rubber bristles and the other side is a fine-toothed comb. It slides onto your hand, making it easy to hold the brush steady. This brush is loved by many parents, mostly for the fine-toothed comb that can get rid of even the worst cases of cradle cap. Grab yours here.

2. DermaFrida

best cradle cap brush

This option not only makes it on the list of the best comb for cradle cap, it can also be used for eczema and dry skin. This makes it a great choice for babies who only have sensitive skin overall. The brush is soft, flexible and has massage tips that are also comfortable for your baby. This set comes with two brushes and a storage bag so you can keep one at home and one in the diaper bag.

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3rd Natemia quality baby hairbrush made of wood

best cradle cap brush

If you are looking for a brush that is great for general maintenance but can also serve as a brush for cleaning cradle cap, this Natemia is a great choice. The bristles are made from goat hair and are very soft on your little one’s scalp. It helps with cradle cap by removing flakes and distributing natural oils evenly over the scalp.

The only downside to this brush is that some of the bristles will fall out. However, it’s worth doing it if you’re looking for something soft over a tough plastic brush. Plus, it comes beautifully wrapped and makes a perfect gift for your baby list or a present for a new mom in your life.

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4. Scalp scrub

Scalp peeling

This is the best baby brush for cradle cap care during the bath. It’s a soft sponge with a gentle bristle brush on one side. You canUse this 2-in-1 design to gently cleanse the scalp. I love that you can squeeze some cradle cap shampoo onto the sponge side and take advantage of the brush and shampoo at the same time.

This sponge can be similar to the sponge your hospital sent you home after your little one was born, which makes it a great choice if you love this brush. It is also very cheap and comes in a pack of three. Check it out here.

5. Fephas wooden baby hair brush + silicone brush

Fephas brush

This baby hairbrush for cradle cap comes in the cutest packaging and would make a great gift. The set comes with both a wooden brush and a silicone scrubber, so you get the best of both worlds. The wooden brush has goat hair bristles, just like the one discussed above. Combined with the silicone brush that removes the dandruff and lifts the dandruff, these brushes make cleaning your baby’s scalp a breeze. As a bonus, your baby will love how soft this brush feels on their head.

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