A Subscription Box for Toddlers- The Kodomochallenge by Benesse

However, this article is sponsored by Benesse as all opinions are always my own.

It seems like there’s a subscription box for just about everyone these days, from makeup lovers to fitness fans, dads and pregnant women. However, there is one group that has largely been left out of the subscription box craze so far, toddlers! Benesse created a great monthly subscription box, Kodomochallenge, for toddlers. I was lucky enough to be able to try it out and introduce my little one to this new way of learning through play. Read on to find out what Kodomochallenge is all about and what exactly my little one and I thought about it!

Why does my toddler need a subscription box?

Your child has so much to learn and discover about the world around them. By investing in a subscription box for them, you will help them expand their knowledge. The Kodomochallenge focuses on playful learning through toys, videos and brochures. Playful learning is so important in this toddler phase! Learning through play helps our little ones to explore and discover the world around them. It also helps develop their imaginations and creativity. I could totally see my son’s mind spinning and developing new skills as we played with these toys.

I also like the idea of ​​a subscription box because it makes it easier to change toys. As the mom of a curious little one, I can definitely attest that twisting toys out will help keep your toddler occupied and entertained. My mother, who ran a daycare for years, always recommended swapping toys in and out to introduce new things and keep her little thoughts going. A subscription box makes this easy. When the new toys arrive, you can just put the old ones up and down again when your child seems ready to change things.

Everything about the Kodomochallenge

Kodomochallenge is a home learning subscription box created by child development specialists. They believe that it is important to provide a variety of educational toys that these boxes provide for every child as each child learns differently. They focus on important early childhood skills such as social skills, daily living skills, communication, cognitive learning, creativity, and music.

Another thing that I was really looking forward to is that it is suitable for kids 1 year and older! I firmly believe that it really is never too early for your child to learn and love that this is recognized by the Kodomochallenge developers. The boxes make learning at home really easy and fun which is great as like most moms I don’t have much extra time to find new ways to learn.

You will also meet the main character Shimajiro! It is a very important part of each box and guides your child through the various learning activities. He is a very adorable character, so it is not surprising that he helped Kodomochallenge gain the admiration of 2 million subscribers around the world.

What’s in the box?

The cool thing about the Kodomochallenge Home Learning Subscription Box is that the toys are designed for skill enrichment rather than entertainment. This means that with every box your child gains a valuable wealth of knowledge. Each box contains an educational toy, video content and an interactive picture brochure. They also come with a parenting guide which I found very helpful as it can be confusing to help your child learn with no background!

Each box is not only filled with different toys, but they also have their own theme. Here’s a little bit about each box!

Box 1

I told you that you’d get to know Shimajiro quickly! The first box is about introducing them to your child and teaching them important basic greeting and communication skills. These skills are so important and will help your child build a foundation on how they can make friends for many years to come!

In this box, your child receives the Shimajiro plush, which looks like a lover. I know the plush toy always helps my son focus better on the character in the book we’re reading or watching a movie.

Box 2

Did you ever play with Russian dolls as a kid? I had a set that I loved! This box brings back that classic toy to teach your child how to recognize different sizes and colors. I had been looking for new ways to teach my little guy his colors so I was definitely a happy mom when I saw this!

Box 3

Eat! My love for good food is deep and I hope that I can pass this on to my son too. This box is about discovering new and interesting types of food. It’s great exposure for your child and can even make them want to try something other than chicken nuggets.

My son especially liked this box and the wooden grocery pieces that you can pull apart and put back together with Velcro.

Box 4

Box 4 deals with other absolutely necessary skills. Personal hygiene! I am a fan of everything that shows my child (in a playful way) that it is important to take care of our body and our health. With this Kodomochallenge Box, your child will learn everything about brushing teeth, washing and potty training.

Box 5

There is something very special about spending time with your little one in the kitchen. This box focuses on how fun cooking can be while teaching communication skills. It comes with some play kitchen items that are great for the little imagination.

Box 6

Last but not least, this box is about learning how to use your imagination. It includes blocks to create and build, whatever a little imagination!

My general thoughts on the Kodomochallenge

I can confidently say that both my little one and I are looking forward to our next Kodomochallenge box which will arrive in the mail. I really loved that the toys and activities made it easy for me to interact and play with my son. The fact that playing time with my son also has educational value is priceless. My son had so much fun studying with Shimajiro and we’re excited to see what the next box will hold. Not to mention, I hope there will be more boxes for different ages in the future!

I have to say, our favorite part of the box was definitely the picture brochures. We love reading together, especially when there are interactive elements like peek-a-boo-pull tabs and flaps.

This teaching material was created in Japan over 30 years ago. In addition to the skills it provides, I love the additional cultural presence my son gets through every box. I can see why this brand has been known and trusted across Asia for many years. I feel like my child has acquired valuable skills and, most importantly, had fun doing it! At this age it is so important that learning is introduced through play, so that we can encourage our children to love it.

I strongly recommend trying this subscription box for your toddler! You can easily order yours here through Amazon.

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