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Quick Tip: A Simple Solution for Organizing Freezers – Clean Mama

September 6, 2021

Freezers can be difficult to organize with a constant flow of food in and out. In 2020 I was using the freezer and storing lots of protein “just in case” and found it was difficult to keep everything in order. I grabbed a couple of extra bins that we had used for keeping the kids just to see if they would work, and they were the perfect size to fit two over the freezer shelf. Guess what? You haven’t left the freezer since.

What do I keep in the two containers? One is holding beef and one is holding chicken, turkey, and pork. I could label them, but that works and it’s easy for me to pull out a trash can and see what’s inside. This quick tip has two points:

  1. Use what you have first and see if a container or container is working. Even if you’re just trying something for size, it’s better to try a little first.
  2. Freezers don’t have to be black holes – a simple container or container can make a huge difference!

These are the white Nordic storage baskets from The Container Store – all sizes, lids and labels can be found at this link.

If you don’t have a trash can or basket on hand, these are a great solution! Measure first to make sure it fits in your space. Have fun organizing the freezer!

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