A New Way to Make Money Blogging & on Social Media

This is a sponsored post I wrote on behalf of Shake. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve blogged for over 15 years and it has never ceased to be exciting when a new innovation hits the industry!

The latest innovation comes from my good friends at Izea and is called Shake!

The short version? Shake takes everything we’ve always loved about influencer marketing, strips away what we hate, and arches it all off.

For real. It is so good.

Instead of applying for hundreds of posts and hoping that the creator will notice something, list your own services and set your rate. We, the bloggers, social media influencers or artists, have full control.

Don’t you like tweets? Don’t list them.

Blogging hate? Forget it!

Shake gives you the opportunity to shine in the way that is best for YOU.

List your services from the basics like a social media post or vlog to photo services, voice overs, virtual appearances – and MORE.

The other funny thing about Shake is that it allows you to monetize your blogger skills well beyond what a typical influencer contract involves.

When you’ve become a great photographer, put your photography skills on Shake!

If you find that you are really amazing at video editing after all these years of editing your own vlogs, sell this service!

I can’t rave enough about how much I love that Shake gives us the opportunity to expand the scope of our work and capitalize on our experiences in a variety of ways.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Shake.izea.com
  2. Create your “shakes” – spend some time doing it. Think about package deals, but also price work that you like to do piece by piece. That’ll be a lot of fun.
  3. The buyers will line up – At this point, you can choose to accept the offers you want or decline something if it doesn’t suit you. Remember, the developers are now in control. Brands basically apply to work with you.
  4. Create and deliver FAB content – all in shake!

Amazing, isn’t it? I KNOW.

I’m sure you’re just as pumped as I am at this point, so I’ll stop bubbling and let you create some shakes! The sky is the limit so get creative and have fun with me! Sign up here!

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  1. Great article, Kathy! I really appreciate the innovative approach you’ve shared for monetizing a blog through social media. It’s important for bloggers to constantly explore new revenue streams, and your tips are very practical and relevant. Thank you for sharing your expertise!


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