6 School Organization Hacks You Need This School Year

Back to school can be overwhelming!

Getting out of the lazy phase of summer can be tough as we prepare for back to school.

I have five children and every school year I thought I was going to organize myself somehow. But it didn’t. It just got crazier every year. So I looked up and down for new ways to organize this family when we started the back to school process.

Check Out These 6 School Organization Hacks You Will Need This School Year!

1. Storage for school supplies

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The children need school supplies for something during the school year. It makes it easier to get school supplies now and organize them in a place where the kids can find them. I like to put school supplies in a neat storage container so the kids can easily see what they are looking for.

You can also label the drawers with the items they contain to identify them. It’s perfect for the kids who are or are learning to read!

2. Create a drop zone

The establishment of a drop-off zone for the children’s school supplies helped keep the chaos at bay. Find a place in your home to keep their coats, backpacks, and everything else. You may have a mudroom or entrance area. Use wall hooks to hang backpacks and coats. Shelves are good for storing gloves, hats, or shoes.

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3. Keep a family calendar

With seven people in our family there was always something going on. A family calendar helped me create a place where I knew what was happening. I suggest making a family calendar and keeping it in a place in your house where everyone can see it. With it, you can be creative and organized as you like, e.g. B. by color coding. I assigned a number to each of my children, starting with the oldest and so on.

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4. Personalized articles

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The children needed some kind of bag that they could often carry to school. Sometimes even several, like a backpack, a lunch bag, a pencil bag and more. I loved the idea of ​​personalizing these items with their name on them or letting them choose their own bag.

5. Label everything!

Image by Tiny Me

I spent a lot of time writing my children’s names with a felt-tip pen on any school supplies they had. When I learned that I could make labels with their names instead, it got so much easier!

Address labels make it easy to create labels right on your computer. You can also get personalized stickers online.

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6. Meal planning

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I’ve always been very into meal planning. With a big family and always having something on the calendar, knowing what to have for dinner has made my life a lot easier. I felt so much less stressed than when I wasn’t planning meals for my family. It will also help you save money!

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