50 French Boy Names That Will Have You Swooning

This list of French boy names covers everything from classics to the very unique and definitely has something for everyone. Everyone has a different opinion about what a boy name should be: strong, intelligent, old fashioned, legendary, etc. When it comes down to it, it’s all about finding a name that you and your partner love and we find French names a wonderful option for those struggling to find a name that “fits”.

Why do I love French names? Well, first of all, the French language is absolutely beautiful. I love that a lot of them are not very popular but still easy to say and spell. If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you probably know that our generation is obsessed with different, trendy names. These fit right in! I also can’t deny my love for the romantic and worldly feel that many of the names on this list like Bastien and Quentin have.

Our favorite French boy names

Our top picks include traditional and emerging names. They’re all either in or soon to be in the top 1000 American baby names. If you’re like me then these names are sure to make you swoon!

  • AndrĂ© – strong and manly
  • Armel – Bear Prince
  • Blaise – lisping or stuttering
  • Claude – like Claude Monet
  • Clovis – famous battle
  • Crue – place name from Quebec: Lac de la Crue
  • Darcy – darker
  • Dax – front runner
  • Gael- comes from the term Gael, which refers to those who speak Gaelic
  • Gerard – brave spear
  • Gilles – pawn or young goat
  • Hugo-mind
  • Jules – young and fluffy
  • Marcel – young warrior
  • Marshall – groom
  • Philippe – French version of Philip
  • Remy – rowers or remedies

Classic & traditional

Here are some traditional French names. These are timeless and really embody the French feeling. Plus, you can rest assured that they will never go out of style. My personal favorite is Luc, which means light.

  • Alexandre – defender of the people
  • Antoine – form of Antony
  • Cartier – driver of a cart
  • Damn me
  • Denis – follower of Dionysus
  • Francois – free
  • Francis- French
  • Gaston – in Gascony, France
  • Guillaume – with a gold-plated helmet
  • Henri – ruler of the house
  • Jean Baptiste – Saint John the Baptist
  • Laurent – crowned with laurel
  • Luc-light
  • Michel – who is like God?
  • Olivier – elven warrior or descendant of an ancestor
  • Stone rock
  • Quentin-five
  • Sebastien – venerable
  • Romain novel

french boy names

Southern charm

There is a southern charm about these names, probably because the French were so prevalent in the south before they bought Louisiana. These names are great choices if you’re looking for a French name that is more commonly used in the United States. You are strong yet adorable.

  • Augustin – great
  • Bastien – venerable or revered
  • Beau – beautiful or handsome
  • Dashiell – from heaven or heaven
  • Deveraux – in Evreux, France
  • Elroy – the king
  • Harvey – battle warrior
  • Jacques replacement (alternative to James)
  • Jean-Luc – God is gracious
  • Leon lion
  • Leverett – young rabbit
  • Louis – famous warrior
  • Maison – stone workers
  • Marc – from Mars, god of war
  • Reynard – advice brave
  • Roy – king
  • Silvain – forest
  • Theo-god in Greek, short for Theodore

Unique French boy names

These unique names are definitely different, but some are on the up and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Personally, I think it’s great that they stand out from the rest!

  • Bellamy – good friend
  • Beauregard – beautiful view
  • Ciel – heaven or heaven
  • Clermont – clear hill
  • Donatien – given
  • Emile – strive or exceed or rival
  • Florent – flowering or prosperous
  • Lionel – little lion
  • Lyon – lion
  • Montel – my ruler
  • Pascal – Easter
  • Renard fox

french boy names

Now comes the hard part; From all of your options on this awesome list, choose the name that you like the most! Choosing a name is never easy, but when you know you know. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with any of these French names. You just have this special je ne sais quoi!

Do you have any other French boy names to suggest? Leave them in the comments! Also check out our Rookie Moms Facebook group, a great group of mothers where you can share your experience, seek advice, and even help another mom!

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