5 Ways to Get Your Kids Back on Track for School

Preparing your child for return to school can be a daunting task. You may want to create a checklist (see link below) to prepare for your return to school. It will help you organize the first day of school sensibly, starting a month before school and going through to the first day. Also, follow these 5 steps to make organization a little easier for the school:

1. Establish routines early on

To keep things tidy, change your routines: have dinner earlier, sleep stricter, and unpack your clothes for the next day the night before to develop good habits for the school year. Start a quiet time in your household to calm the children down and get them used to calming down later in the day so they can do homework and study after school starts. Introducing these routines well before school starts should make the transition easier for everyone. Does your child have to wear a mask at school? Are there any new Covid protocols? It is a good idea to prepare them in advance.

2. Be academically prepared

Check the summer reading list! If your children are supposed to be reading books in the summer, make sure they have read them, and if not, start some quiet time devoted to reading in the evening. By checking summer reading, you will also avoid getting your children stressed and anxious if they forget to read the assignments. This quiet time can be converted into homework and study time during the school year. Your children will get used to this quiet time and the transition will be easier for them.

3. Identify academic expectations

Sit down with your child and talk about their final year of school. What worked well, what didn’t work so well? What can you both do to make this year better? What goals does your child want to achieve this year? What would you like to achieve? List these together and discuss how you will achieve the goals and, if necessary, plan steps to success. Discuss whether additional tutoring or help with homework would bring them closer to these academic goals. Set up homework and study times – and maybe a no-call zone for the household that won’t answer calls unless they’re task-oriented. Let your child know that you know their chores every day and want to check that they are being done on time.

4. Establish household expectations

Also set expectations for behavior around the house. That means getting up without a fuss, having a good breakfast and lunch, doing quiet homework, and going to bed before bed. It should also include keeping your no-call zone when and where to clear out backpacks, where to put papers for parenting review / signature; where the family plan is being kept; Let parents know if there is a need to drive IN ADVANCE, if sportswear needs cleaning, exercises, concerts, etc.

5. Set up an area of ​​study

Find out how your kids are studying and doing homework. Whether at a table or desk, on your bed, or on a comfortable pillow on the floor, you need to be sure that you have the space that will help you be most productive. If one child likes music while another needs rest, invest in headphones! Have an area of ​​the house dedicated to all school supplies. Set the expectation that when one project is complete, the materials will have to be made available to everyone else. They can be kept in organized baskets in the pantry, office, family room, drawer or closet, but they need to be accessible and constant to everyone in the family. Also, make a rule that you need to be warned in advance if special projects require special materials – days, not minutes!

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