5 Tips For 2-Year Molar Teething [+ How to Ease the Discomfort!]

Teething can be a BEAST! I know that I’m not the only mom out there who wakes up hoping and praying that her child’s teeth won’t hurt that day. Teething can start as early as six months and just when you think it’s over, 2 year old molars kicks in and changes the game.

2-year-old molar teething usually begins around your child’s second birthday and includes the second deciduous molars. Please note that if your child is past their two year birthday and you haven’t seen second molars, don’t worry, every child is different.

If you think that you and your child are about to enter the second phase of teething, pull up a chair because you have come to the right place for tips and tricks from a rookie mom!

* This post is for information and entertainment purposes only. Should you or your child need medical attention, please contact your own doctor.

What is 2 year molar teething?

2 year molar teething is the breakthrough of the last set of teeth in the back of our mouth that usually shows up around our second birthday. This whole chapter in a child’s life can be extremely painful, irritating, and frankly, annoying for everyone involved!

Signals for 2-year teething of the molars

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, you need to know what to look for when teething two years old. The more you know about the signs of teething, the better you can help your little one through this painful and difficult time.


  • The child is more irritable than usual.
  • The child chews on everything they can get their hands on.
  • The child drools more than what they normally do.
  • The child may have a slight fever.
  • If you are brave and can look inside your mouth, you may also see swollen gums or even a molar eruption.
  • The child no longer sleeps as well as it used to.

5 tips for 2-year-old teething of the molars

1. Teethers

Giving your child a teething ring may be just what they need to work on their gums and speed up the teething process.

2 year old molars

Green Sprouts Molar teether from Target

Teethers like this Green Sprouts Molar teether from Target are a great option for your little teething toddler. It’s the perfect size and has multiple textures to reach and massage the molar gums and teeth.

2. A little attention and love

Baby binding doesn’t stop when they become a toddler. To be present with love and affection for your injured toddler is sometimes the best medicine! Personally, I know that for my son when he is in pain, a hug from mom may not make his pain go away, but it definitely helps. Just like adults, children often just want to know that someone is there for them during difficult times.

3rd Make them bite or suck something cold

Chewing or sucking on something cold will help reduce inflammation in the swollen area. It will feel so good on their little gums too and give them a little comfort from the pain.

2-year molar teething

Fridababy Not too cold teetherTo

These Fridababy freezing gum massagers are the ideal buy for soothing your little one’s gums! The nice thing about these teething rings is that with their hot handle you don’t have to worry about your little hands freezing, just pull them out of the cold and hand them over!

4th Rub or massage the gums with a clean finger

Try rubbing and / or massaging your little one’s gums to ease their discomfort a little. However, as a mom, I want to warn you that if the tooth has already broken through the gum line, then you might want to let the teether do the work! OUCH!

5. Over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol

We always advise you to consult your pediatrician for medication. Personally, after speaking to my son’s pediatrician and receiving the correct dosage for his weight and age, I have found that if the pain is unbearable for him, a little Tylenol has helped.

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Frequently asked questions about 2-year-old teething of the molars

Are the 2-year molars coming the last teeth?

In the milk teeth, the 2-year-old molars are the last milk teeth.

How long does it take for 2 year molars to arrive?

Every child is different, but most of the time you can see the 2 year old molars around their second birthday (hence the name) and each tooth takes about 1-2 weeks to get inside.

Is teething worse at night?

There are many articles claiming that teething is worse at night. According to our research, it’s because there aren’t that many distractions at night, which makes teething pain your little one’s main focus.

How long does it take for 2 year old molars to enter?

It can take about 2-3 weeks for them to occur, but it varies from child to child.

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