4 Unusual Breastfeeding Positions to Try When Struggling During Feedings

We stumbled into this Flickr pool of unusual and beautiful still photos from the Mothering Touch Center and wanted to share them. After we finished giggling about the goofy, staged style of photography. I also wanted to provide you with a public service and let you know when and why you want (or need to!) Use these unusual breastfeeding positions. The following information is based on what I have learned from my 34+ months of breastfeeding (and no medical training).

4 unusual breastfeeding positions to try out!

Upside down and backwards

Builds abs for mom and can help empty the breasts more thoroughly if the ducts are blocked.

Crazy Breastfeeding Positions: Newborn Flopovers

The newborn flopover

Requires a comfortable lounge chair or couch; useful when a young baby needs really full nutrition. Recommended to me by a lactation consultant instead of upside down and backwards (above); Not at all discreet when your in-laws are visiting.

Crazy nursing positions: lying on your side

Lateral position

A great position for tired mums and / or co-sleepers. Not that strange, but I’ve never mastered this so it will always be mysterious to me.

Crazy Nursing Positions: In-Carrier

In the baby carrier

Bravo to all mothers who learn to breastfeed while wearing a baby carrier. Chances are we saw you among us and had no idea what you were up to. I have used the pictured technique through airports and grocery stores without incident.

I’d love to hear about any unusual grooming positions you’ve tried in the comments below!

[All photos c/o Mothering Touch via flickr]

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