4 of the Best Split Screen Baby Monitors of 2021!

Fortunately for all of us new moms, baby monitors have come a long way! Thanks to the technology, the walkie-talkie-style monitor is a thing of the past. Many families choose baby monitors that use a stationary camera in the baby room to see from a distance with a control screen. An even better technological advance is the split-screen baby monitor.

Many families with multiple young children choose these split screen baby monitors so they can keep an eye on each child using a connected system. Below are our reviews for 4 of the best split screen monitors of 2021!

With these monitors 1 to 4 separate cameras can be integrated into the system. This means that everyone reports to a central control screen. It can be very difficult to have a separate camera system for each child. Carrying more than 2 screens to monitor everyone is just a problem. Therefore, the split-screen function is a must for families with several children.

What is a split screen baby monitor?

Best split screen baby monitor

A split screen baby monitor is a device that uses two or more cameras. It monitors your baby while they are in their room or in a room away from you. These cameras are connected to the main screen so you can see both camera feeds at the same time. Hence the name “split screen”.

Some split screen baby monitor setups allow you to use more than two cameras to monitor your children. However, the typical configuration consists of two cameras fed into a main screen that you can see.

What does she do differently?

The main difference between a split screen baby monitor and the traditional camera baby monitor is that the screen can support two or more camera feeds. Most camera-based baby monitors have a camera and a screen. You can monitor more than one child or room at the same time on the split screen.

There are many camera baby monitors on the market and some can support more than 4 or 5 cameras, but there are only a few that offer the split-screen format. The systems that support multiple cameras often have functions that switch between cameras every 10 seconds. Some offer you the remote control to switch camera feeds, but the split screen is a unique feature.

Here’s why a split screen monitor is worth it

Families choose a split screen baby monitor just because they want to see more than one child. They also want the convenience of using just one system. This can be useful for families with twins or for families with more than one child. These baby monitors provide you with a screen to check your children sleeping or playing.

This also eliminates the need for two separate systems, saving you money! Even if you only have one child, we recommend starting with a split screen. This way you always have the option to add a camera in the playroom or in future baby rooms.

The split screen gives you easy insight into each child’s status. This is much better than juggling a system for each child or switching screens with a system. We love these baby monitor systems because they give you security and keep your children up to date.

Top 4 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors

1: MoonyBaby Split 50 baby monitor

Best split screen baby monitor

This baby monitor system has a 5 inch screen. This is the perfect size for viewing multiple feeds at once. The Moonybaby Split 50 only supports two cameras, but that’s ideal for split-screen viewing anyway. Both cameras have a wide angle and zoom, so you have plenty of options for examining your babies.

In addition to the split screen, you also have the option of only showing one camera at a time. If you are only viewing one screen, you can hear the real-time audio from the room. The sound always gives me a little more calm because I have the feeling of knowing what is going on in the room. Here are some other features that I love about this monitor. automatic night vision, a power saving mode that turns on when the baby stirs or wakes up or cries, and a range of 1000 feet in open areas and a range of 300 feet indoors.

This split screen baby monitor is high on our list as it has everything a family needs. From the dual cameras with split screen to night vision, audio feed and energy saving mode, everything is there. With the zoom function, you can check in without disturbing your child. Overall, this is a great system for families with two children as it allows you to keep an eye on both of them at all times.

We recommend the MoonyBaby Split 50 for families expecting a second child, with children of different ages, twins or even two small children.

2: Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Best split screen baby monitor

Another very well-known and highly recommended baby monitor system is this two-camera system from Motorola. Each wide-angle HD camera gives you a complete view of the room. You also have remote access to pan, zoom, and tilt. The control screen is 5 inches and features a color display. One feature that I love is the room temperature sensor that monitors the room and notifies you when the temperature drops below or above your preference. You also have two-way intercom to communicate with your child and night vision allows you to see your child at any time of the day or night.

This split screen baby monitor is added to our list because the camera angle and view can be changed from the control screen. We also love that you can communicate with your child or partner using the intercom function. This split screen baby monitor system gives you complete control over what your child is doing, monitoring their sleep and play, and going beyond the communication aspect.

This is a fantastic system for families with larger homes who want the ability to communicate and control the cameras from anywhere in the house. It’s also great because you can monitor two kids at the same time and have full control to see and talk to them from one main screen.

3: LBtech Video Baby Monitor

This monitor supports up to 4 cameras so you can have peace of mind when your baby is sleeping. It has amazing features like room temperature monitoring, 2x zoom, scan mode, bidirectional speaking and more. It’s super easy to set up without the need for WiFi. All you have to do is plug it in and play. It has a low-power Vox mode and is voice activated, which automatically wakes up the screen if your baby starts crying, upset, or babbling. It saves up to 50% battery power!

The room temperature monitor notifies you when the baby’s room is too hot or too cold. So there is less to worry about while making sure your baby has a sleepless night. This monitor also has automatic night vision so you don’t have to turn anything on or off at night. This monitor really has all the features you need with the ability to add up to 4 cameras so you can cover any room!

4: DBPower 2021 baby monitor

Last but not least, this system from DBPower is on our list of the 4 best baby monitors with split screen. The system comes with a camera that has a 3.5 ‚ÄĚcontrol screen. The best thing about this system is that up to 4 other cameras can be used in split screen mode. Each camera connects without WiFi or an app and protects your child and family.

While the screen is smaller than the other two, it offers color video and makes up for this by being able to easily connect to multiple cameras. Other features we love include two-way intercom, lullabies to help the baby fall asleep again, and night vision. There is also a 2x digital zoom and a temperature monitor. There is also an advanced warning system that alerts you to a low battery, range, temperature or your baby’s crying.

What makes this split screen baby monitor one of the best is that it is perfect for families who want to start with a camera but plan to grow and potentially add more later. This system has cameras that can be rotated and tilted to provide a clear view of the room. With such a range, parents can see their children move around the room. You can keep an eye on both active children and sleeping babies.

The two-way intercom and the additional lullaby functions give this system an advantage over the other two.

Choosing the Right Split Screen for Your Family

While there are many baby monitor camera systems in the current market, not many offer split screen functionality. These 3 split screen baby monitors are added to my list because they have all the camera functions a family with more than 2 children needs by being able to see both cameras at the same time. Each of these systems also offers extras such as night vision, bidirectional communication and remote camera control. All of this gives parents a chance to check on their kids from another room without disturbing the child.

You can’t go wrong with any of these 3 monitors if you are a family that needs to monitor two or more children. They would also be a great choice for the family that has a child but wants to grow in the future. A single system that can handle more than one camera gives parents confidence and security. You can keep an eye on each child as they sleep, play, and grow!

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