30+ Halloween Games for Kids: Great for Classroom Halloween Parties!

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Halloween is such a fun time of year – it’s a great time to throw a party! Whether or not you are the caretaker who is one Ideas for Halloween parties or plan a Halloween party at home – we have all the great ideas you need with over 30 Halloween games for kids who are perfect for a classroom party!

Halloween party games for kids

Children’s games for Halloween parties

Last year I had my first experience hosting my kid’s class parties and I loved it!

Okay it was a bit stressful at times, but it was worth seeing how much fun the kids were having. But when I’ve learned one thing, start early!

I’ve always loved Fall and Halloween parties – my birthday is November 2nd, so I’ve had a lot of birthday parties that fell around that time of year. Developing Halloween-themed games for my guests was one of my favorite things to do!

Pinterest didn’t exist then, but I wish we had access to some of these fun Halloween games back then.

Jack is back at school and I’ve volunteered again to be the classmother. While I’m waiting a little longer to see if anyone else volunteers to organize the games for the Halloween party, I’m happy to have some great EASY games up my sleeve in case I have to organize a few myself.

Below are 15 fall and Halloween party games that are great for kids. These ideas are from other blogs, so click for full instructions

Hopefully this will make planning a fall party a little easier this year!

Not all of them are exclusively Halloween-themed … but honestly I’ll just sum the two up 🙂 These are perfect Halloween games, as well as classic games that are perfect for a Halloween class party!

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Printable autumn bundle

We offer several free printable games in the lists below. However, if you want access to all of them at once – plus a few exclusive extras, we offer it as a bundle for $ 1. This is completely optional, but available for those who don’t want to download each one individually.

It contains:

  • 30 days of fall social distancing activities
  • Fall Fun Skategories Board
  • Month of autumn fun
  • Autumn pumpkin puzzles for preschool kids
  • Decorative autumn wall art
  • Halloween charades
  • Family friendly scavenger hunt
  • You were booed
  • Low Chaos Halloween Pumpkin Hat Craft
  • Pumpkin activities
  • A Haunted House SVG

Too little time?

Running out of time to plan your classroom Halloween party? We are big fans of My Classroom Party! It’s a party of class in a box, and the materials and materials are so high quality. This makes planning a Halloween party a breeze – you can use the code Clarks to send packages for over 20 children with free shipping.

And if you’re in charge of a party, be sure to check out this article on planning a classroom party.

Halloween classroom games

Halloween classroom activity

Halloween Don’t Eat Pete game board to print –

This is a printable game board that I made and it always puts me in the Halloween spirit! I LOVE Don’t Eat Pete, and kids love it too. It’s one of our favorite free prints. It’s such a fun party game that can be played with small groups including older kids and younger kids. Plus, I appreciate any excuse for getting goodies!

Halloween charades – that would make for a fun Halloween party! And is great for your child’s class party with larger groups and is a great way to get kids involved and moving -. Charades is a good game that can be part of a virtual Halloween party and create a friendly competition between the students. You can download it from the following download link.

stuck a pumpkin game

Put in a pumpkin

This is a personal favorite of mine. If you’re the housemother and you’re planning a classroom Halloween party and just want something simple, a pumpkin stuck is a great game for that. It’s always a big hit that doesn’t take much effort and would be a great addition that is perfect for kids of all ages. All you need is a foam sheet, plastic cups, elastic bands, tissue paper, and some fun goodies – candy or non-candy based!

Halloween and party

Pumpkin Patch Stomp – This would be really fun to do outside. Be aware that some kids start out with popping balloons, so make sure you know your audience about it!

Picture and halloween

Pin the Spider on the Web – A fun twist on a classic party game. Love this idea!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt – So much fun! – It would be great for an outdoor friendly activity with a Halloween twist. No matter how big the class, it would be a fun Halloween activity for young kids! And this is a good game if you want the kids to be a safe distance apart. We offer this on our website –

Halloween and party

Spider Race –

We did this at Jack’s Halloween party last year and it was a huge hit and such a fun activity for the kids. It’s good for a smaller group or a large group.

Leaf and Numbers Halloween Activities

Chalk numbers game with leaves

Fall Scattegories – My kids love this game! This is a free download that we offer – click the download button below to get it!

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is Pumpkin-Toss-Simple-Party-Games-for-Children-9-700x467.jpgWrite a caption …

Pumpkin Toss – This is a really simple game that you can throw together. Make sure you have some extra pumpkins to snack on as you probably don’t want the kids to eat them after they get their hands on them!

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is Life-size-pumpkin-memory.jpg

Pumpkin Memory – A good memory game is always fun for kids! This is a really simple one to put together. If you want something a little more challenging, check out our Cricut Halloween Memory Game.

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is Candy-Corn-Toss.jpg

Candy Corn Toss – Super cheap and kids will love this game!

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is fall-tree-set-up.jpg

Small world under the autumn tree

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Lair of the Spider Queen

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is Pumpkin-bowling-1.jpg

Pumpkin bowling

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is IMG_5463.jpg

Autumn pun

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Witch hat ring toss

This picture has an empty alt attribute;  the file name is witch_pitch_halloween_game_15-500x333.jpg

Witch game

Bingo and family activity

Printable BINGO – Halloween theme

We love Halloween Bingo – it’s a cult classic and can also be made for a virtual party – one of the few online Halloween games that are easy to make.

A close up of a book

Word and Action Game – This is a great game that is a little educational too!

Materials for Halloween game

Halloween squirt game

Halloween party

Pop goes to the pumpkin

Halloween party and family

Catch the balloon

A little girl in front of a bowl of fruit, with an apple and school

“Rocks” for apples

Halloween party activities

Arts and crafts

Ghost magnet craft

If you are looking for some easy crafts for your class parties, this is what you will love!

Leaves hang on a string

Window leaf garland

A range of different types of food, with candy and science

Dissolve the sweet corn

A plate of food on a table

Apple Play batter

Pumpkin and party

Pumpkins with a secret message

Party and ghost

Ghost bottle bowling

A bowl of fruit on a table with autumn

Mind containers fall

Arts and crafts

Autumn mobile

Hunting for signs of autumn printable

Printable autumn diary

Image and scavenger activity for Halloween

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Picture and halloween

Monster hunting

A teddy bear sitting in a grassy field

DIY child-sized scarecrows

Mini Pumpkin Volcano

Mini pumpkin volcanoes

A close up of food, with art and leaf

Autumn slime

Have you found activities here that you have never heard of? We hope this has made planning your upcoming Halloween party a little easier! Be sure to let us know how it went in the comments.

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