30 Fun Date Ideas For Valentines Day or Any Day

No matter if it’s Valentine’s Day or just an ordinary weekend with your husband. We all know that we rarely have the time to come up with creative date ideas once the kids arrive. So I took a few minutes and came up with 30 easy-to-plan appointment ideas.

I’m sure you have some creative ideas too. Feel free to comment and share with us

1. Make chocolate-coated strawberries

2. Make a 5k. 10 km or even a marathon together

3. Read your favorite books to each other

4. Bake cookies together

5. Watch the sunrise and then make breakfast together

6. Attend a local soccer game

7. Watch an entire season of your favorite show

8. Take a long drive

9. Visit a planetarium

10. Visit a local art gallery

11. Play board games

12. Take part in a film together

13. Visit the flea market

14. Help together for a homeless shelter

15. Go dancing

16. Go to the driving range

17. Build a snowman

18. Ride go-karts

19. Rent a movie

20. Have a carpet picnic

21. Go to an arcade

22. Play Frisbee

23. Go kayaking

24. Go ice skating

25. Visit the pumpkin farm

26. Go to a forest reserve

27. Go to a ballet performance

28. Get ice cream at your local ice cream parlor

29. Visit your favorite bookstore

30. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and go to a park

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