30+ Blanks for Vinyl Projects You Can Buy on Amazon

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Are you looking for affordable blanks for your vinyl projects? Here are over 30 awesome blanks to buy on Amazon today!

If you love yours Cricut for anything and everything, as you will love all of this Blanks for vinyl ideas You can use it for all of your projects!

Blanks for vinyl

Any Cricut hobbyist will tell you how much they love having blank vinyl on hand. It’s so nice to be able to create exactly when you need it. Especially for last minute projects.

In a perfect world, you would have a large supply of blanks that you could pull out in a snap. Of course, there must be space to store everything (and money!). So if you can’t accumulate a pile of different blanks, that’s fine too!

As long as you know the best places to find what you need, you will be fine.

Sometimes you know exactly which project you are going for, sometimes you just need inspiration. Read on to discover some of the best vinyl blanks and where to get them.

What are spaces for vinyl?

In the world of Cricut, blanks are something that you can put vinyl on. Pretty much anything that has spaces to attach vinyl to. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

What is the difference between infusible ink blanks and blanks for vinyl?

Infusible ink blanks and blanks for vinyl are pretty similar. There are differences, however. So make sure you are aware of these before starting a project.

Non-meltable ink is permanently pressed into the blank. While vinyl is less durable and not as specifically needed for blanks. Cricut only suggests using Infusible Ink on the blanks they create.

For example, infusible ink must have a high polyester blend. So not all shirts work with it.

Mostly it can be used for infusible ink, it can be used for vinyl. But not the other way around.

Be sure to check out our article on 45+ infusible blanks

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Space for vinyl ideas


You can really use any t-shirts you want when working with iron-on vinyl. However, this may depend on the type of iron-on vinyl used (for example, SportFlex uses a different mix of materials). . However, I find any cotton or cotton blend shirt to work well.

I’m a huge fan of Gildan’s shirts – they’re coming. in a variety of sizes and styles and colors.

If you want something nicer, just stop by Target and get the shirts.

Here are some other clothing options:

Other project ideas

You can use any of these blanks for gifts, party favors, organization, home decor, and more!

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