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June 7, 2021

As we head into the summer, I get a lot of questions about how to involve children in cleaning and clearing out. I love to involve my children in cleaning – it not only teaches responsibility, but also gives them great life skills. I know from my own children that it can be difficult figuring out just the right way to teach these skills without feeling like I’m nagging all the time and making the kids feel like I am contributing to the family. The goal for us is to instill a good work ethic, teach HOW to clean and feel satisfaction with a job well done. Pictured is the brand new one Responsible kids kit The introductory price is $ 10 (the regular price is $ 14) through June 12th.

  • Build habits, not clean rooms. Think of little habits that your children can work on and build on over time. These little habits lead to clean rooms – at some point. Those who concentrate on the cleanroom miss out on the little habits.

  • Give them their own supplies. Putting child-resistant detergents in a caddy or bucket gives them the tools they need to help you out. This works for kids of all ages – having supplies available makes it easier to grab and clean.

pictured: Cleaning cloth set | Glass spray bottle | Mason jar | Cleaning bucket | Responsible kids kit

  • Don’t show. This is something that I have found very helpful when it comes to any assignment I try to teach. When I take the time to show you how to do something, the end result I’m looking for comes much faster than if I just “explain” to them how to do something. Showing, taking the time and helping through the process is when the idea really works. Going through a task multiple times helps depending on your age, and I’ve found checklists to help. Then I won’t tell you that, but the list that keeps her busy.

A visual or step-by-step checklist is helpful for younger children, while a checklist or activity chart can be helpful for older children who can read. You will find that in the new Responsible Kid Kit I have a fillable checklist where you can fill in the fields and print out your own list. This is great as the tasks change with age and time of year.

Put an end to the overwhelming challenge and take the guesswork out of simple tasks at home for kids (and parents). If you need a little help getting your kids involved in cleaning, or are looking for a new approach, check out the brand new Responsible Kid Kit – Introductory price is $ 10 (regular price is $ 14) through June 12th.

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