3 Day Potty Training; Proven Tips And Tricks For Success

Potty training can be daunting. Is my child ready? I am ready? Where do I even start? So many questions and the huge internet full of different methods, ideas and tips. When my toddler told me her diaper was dirty, I knew it was time, but I had no idea where to start. I did some research and combined some different styles and tips to arrive at the three day potty training method that worked for us.

The most important thing to remember is that potty training is a process that young children don’t always realize when their bodies need to go. Therefore, you should expect accidents.

Are you ready?

Wondering if your child is ready for a crash course with this three day potty training method? Before committing to potty training, look out for signs of readiness:

  • Your child tells you their diaper is dirty
  • Your child is looking for privacy to pee or poop in their diaper (in another room, in a corner or behind the couch)
  • Your child is telling you to go
  • They ask and they are excited to learn to use the potty

Go through the 3 day potty training method

3 days of potty training

Before day 1

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting your three-day potty trail. First, choose a long weekend where you can be at home with your child every day. You need to have 3 days in a row for this method to work for parents who are at work to take Friday or Monday off or take photos for a vacation weekend.

If you’re going to the potty by yourself, tell me your secret! Take your toddler with you too, so that they know exactly what is going on in the potty.

When you’ve made up your mind to train them and picked a weekend getaway, take your kid to the store to pick out underwear. This is a great way to get them excited about the potty train. You can choose your favorite characters or colors.

Take a small potty or potty seat (the type that sits on the regular toilet) and a step stool when you go to the store. Your child will likely be too small to fit in the bathroom. You need a seat that they can feel comfortable in in order to learn to walk.

Rookie Mom Tip: Buy pull-ups or pee pads for bedtime. Young children often have trouble getting through the night, especially if they still drink milk before bed.

Finally, make sure all adults in the house are on board. This will only work if everyone does their part. Everyone should be supportive and not negative or angry when the child has an accident. Do you have relatives who think you’re trying too young? Don’t invite her this weekend. Best friend thinks you are too ambiguous and can’t wait to see this train wreck? Sorry not invited to see it.

Rookie Mom Tip: You and your partner can do shifts all day or both, but it’s important that your child learn to deal with both parents, not just one parent.

Day 1 of the 3-day potty training method

When your child wakes up, immediately remove them from the diaper and put on new underwear. Some people like to let their toddler run free (no diaper, no underwear) but if it’s a cold month or your child is like me and doesn’t like to wear nothing, put on the new underwear.

Give your child water, juice, or milk frequently throughout the day. I speak up every time you find the cup is empty, refill it. Set a timer for 20 minutes every time they have a drink. When it starts take her to the bathroom and let her try to pee. As the day progresses, your child will begin to feel the need to use the potty.

If your child has an accident, don’t scold them. Just tell them in a neutral voice, “You didn’t make it to the potty so now you need to help me clean up that piss.” Make sure you help them so they can see the consequences of failing to make the potty.

If you are starting to bed (and want to let your toddler sleep in their underwear), don’t give them anything else to drink and have them try to go right before bed.

Rookie Mom Tip: If your child responds well to praise and rewards, have a potty table. Every time they use the potty they are given a sticker to mark their card and eat three M & Ms.

Day 2 of the 3-day potty training method

Day two of the three day potty training method is pretty much a repetition of day 1. You should repeat the steps, making sure you give your toddler drinks throughout the day and ask them to potty every 20 minutes. Remember, if your child has an accident, they need to help clean up. When your child gets the bed wet, let them help you remove the sheets and place them in the laundry.

Rookie Mom Tip: Some people like to go out and do activities. This is fine, but keep in mind that you need to encourage your toddler to use the potty every 20 minutes and some toddlers may not like a public toilet. Expect accidents and be prepared with additional underwear and clothing.

Day 3 of the 3-day potty training method

When you get to day three of three day potty training, start giving your toddler drinks like they normally would. Remember to ask your toddler to try a potty 20 minutes after a drink of any kind. Don’t be discouraged if you have another accident that day. Toddlers are still learning how sensations feel, and potty training is not easy. Remember to be neutral if they have an accident and make sure they help with the cleanup.

Potty training with pull-ups

Bedtime: pull-ups or underwear

Whether you put your toddler in pull-ups or underwear is a personal decision. Some people want to train for everything right away, while others go in stages. We chose stages because it was best for our daughter. We were still trying to wean her off a cup of milk before bed when we potty trained her knowing she wouldn’t make it through the night. It wasn’t until almost 6 months later, when we finally got her bedtime milk off, that she began to sleep in her underwear.

If you’re not sure which to choose, ask your child how they’re feeling.

Potty tips after day 3

The 3 day potty training will help your child learn the basics, but there are still things to work on.

  • Make sure your toddler tries to use the potty every time you leave the house
  • Always bring several changes of clothes and underwear, including a change of clothes on your own. I can’t tell you how many times I peed on my pants and just had to sit there while my toddler got clean clothes.
  • Remember, negative reactions to accidents will keep your child from encouraging them.
  • Believe in your toddler. I cannot stress this enough. If you reinforce them well and stay calm in the event of an accident, you will be surprised how quickly your toddler succeeds.

Good luck in this next step of your toddler’s independence! It’s bittersweet when they get older you miss things, but honestly I still have to miss changing a nasty diaper.

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