25+ Must Buy Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies (That Actually Work)

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Have you ever wondered if The Dollar Tree has cleaning products that actually work ?! Don’t be surprised – we have a list of the BEST cleaning products at The Dollar Tree!

The Dollar Tree is our one-stop shop for almost everything – including cleaning supplies.

I think some people hear “Dollar Tree” and “Cleaning” and can’t imagine actually getting a product there that cleans well.

But I’m here to tell you – it’s actually home to some of the BEST cleaning products out there.

Not only do they have a lot of branded products (which you can even use coupons for – be sure to check out our coupon tips for Dollar Tree), but they also have some cleaning products that are only available at The Dollar Tree and people across the country. RAVE About.

So without further ado, here are some of the best Dollar Tree cleaners out there. Be sure to comment below if your favorite made the list!

Best Buck Tree Cleaning Products

As we all know, The Dollar Tree has some real wins and real duds.

Lots of people really rave about buying detergents there, but not all are worth buying.

When buying a branded product, first pay attention to the price per ounce to make sure it is actually a good deal, rather than buying a larger amount from a store like Target or Walmart.

You can sometimes use coupons for these products. So be sure to read our post on Dollar Tree Coupons to see if you can get an even better deal.

I asked about everyone’s favorite products on a Dollar Tree Facebook group, and here are the most popular answers:

  • Pretty much the entire LA Totally Awesome line. Everyone raves about the Awesome All-Purpose Spray, but others said they pretty much love it all.
    • One person said they enjoy mixing Totally Awesome cleaning vinegar with a few tablespoons of Dawn and water in a spray bottle and using it for everything – including mirrors and non-strip cleaning on stainless steel (like refrigerators). I’m super excited to try this myself.

Other favorites include:

Dollar tree bowl brush

And here are a few other cleaning supplies and tools that I like that I think will be a good find at the Dollar Tree.

  1. air freshener – You can find all kinds of air fresheners in the Dollar Tree. Because they only cost a dollar, you can stock up and have something for every room in your home. There’s something about a fresh smelling room that makes everything seem clean!
  2. Sponges
  3. Toilet bowl brushes
  4. Antibacterial wet wipes
  5. Carpet cleaner
  6. Glossy upholstery
  7. Dust rag
  8. Microfiber cloths
  9. pug
  10. Mop bucket
  11. Dishwasher
  12. rubber gloves – This could be one of my favorites! They are super thick and of great quality!
  13. Wipe off Lysol
  14. Bar pug

Dollar tree rubber gloves

Dollar Tree Cleaning Caddy

Dollar tree cleaning caddy

I believe keeping your cleaning supplies organized and readily available is important, and a cleaning caddy is one of the best ways to do this.

The dollar tree has several options for you to consider:

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