22 Amazing Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Are you looking for simple and easy ideas for elves on the shelf? Here are some great Dollar Tree-inspired ideas that will make your Elf on the Shelf adventures easier than ever!

Elf on the shelf of Christmas tree

If you have an elf on your shelf visiting your family this holiday season, you know how difficult it can be to come up with fun ideas for your elf every day.

Not only can it be exhausting to come up with stupid ideas for your elf, but it can also get expensive!

Fortunately, there are tons of ways that Dollar Tree can help you save time and money this holiday season. These simple Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf ideas are a great way to surprise your kids without spending a fortune.

Some of these ideas are seasonal, while others are available all year round!

Eleven Movie Night

Stock up on supplies for a fun Christmas movie night at home at Dollar Tree, then make it look like your elf brought them back from the North Pole.

  • Popcorn and candy. Head to the food aisle to grab some movie snacks while you watch your favorite Christmas movie.
  • Popcorn container. Then, take a look down the dish aisle for a couple of plastic popcorn containers that will add a theatrical feel to your movie night.

Elven-sized snacks

Elves love snacks as much as children do! Get some elf size snacks for your elf to enjoy on the shelf during their visit. You should be able to find any of these items in the snack area of ​​your dollar tree:

  • Mini biscuits like Oreos or Chips Ahoy
  • Small sweets like M & Ms or Skittles
  • Mini candy canes
  • Small crackers like goldfish
  • chocolate bar

Cotton balls

A large bag of cotton balls can go a long way when it comes to cheap elf on the shelf ideas. Get a bag of cotton balls from Dollar Tree for:

  • Foam bath. Fill a bowl with cotton balls and place the elf in it so it looks like he’s enjoying a bubble bath when the kids wake up.
  • Snowball fight. Stack a stack of cotton balls next to your elf and add a few other dolls to the scene to create a cute snowball fight among the toys.

Puzzles and games

If your family’s elf enjoys playing with other toys around the house, make sure they have plenty of activities to choose from during the holiday season. Take a look down the Dollar Tree toy aisle to find some of these cute activities for your elf:

  • Mystery. Place a partially completed puzzle near your elf so it looks like they are in the process of putting the puzzle together.
  • Tumbling Tower game. Put the Tumbling Tower game together next to your elf and pull out a piece to make it look like your elf is preparing to drop the tower.
  • Tic Tac Toe or Bingo. Look for mini-games like tic tac toe or bingo so your elf can play with other toys to create a fun scene for your kids.

Mini toys

The toy aisle is a great place to find inexpensive props for your elf on the shelf during the holiday season. Search the toys to find some quick and easy ideas for your elf.

  • Mini guitar. Grab a miniature guitar that your elf can hold while sitting on the shelf.
  • Miniature zen garden. Help your elf find inner peace with the help of a miniature zen garden from Dollar Tree.
  • Tiny basketball hoop. Set up a basketball game between your Elven and Ken dolls with a tiny basketball hoop and a ball from the dollar store.
  • Fishing game. Let your elf fish with the help of a mini fishing game and fishing rod on the shelf.
  • Mini cars. If you can find a car big enough for the elf to sit on it could be a lot of fun!

Craft material

Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to find tons of cheap craft supplies for kids. And these supplies can also be used to create adorable scenes with your elf on the shelf!

  • Coloring books. Partially color in a page of a coloring book with your child’s favorite character, then place a crayon in your elf’s hand.
  • Letter stickers. Create a message from your elf using Dollar Tree letterheads and construction paper.
  • Felt tree. Let your elf decorate his own Christmas tree with a felt tree from the Christmas department and stickers as an ornament.
  • Pearls and sting. With the help of beads and strings, your elf can make friendship bracelets for your children to wear during the holiday season.
  • Mini canvas with painting utensils / colored pencils. Many dollar trees carry canvases in the art department. When you get a 4 × 6 size, you can make it look like the elf is painting!

Christmas decorations

Christmas tree with giftsChrist

Head to the vacation area of ​​your dollar tree to find tons of great Christmas decorations to use in your Elf on the Shelf setups. These budget-friendly Christmas decorations are an easy way to add a touch of holiday joy to your elf’s visit.

  • Mini Christmas tree. Give your elf their own Christmas tree on the shelf by purchasing a mini tree from the dollar store. There are some cute mini-gifts that you can put around the tree too!
  • Miniature ornaments. Don’t forget to grab some miniature ornaments to hang on your elf’s tree and give him the Christmas cheer.
  • Christmas village. Create a cute Christmas village for your elf with the help of Dollar Tree’s miniature village pieces.
  • Mini stockings. Use a mini stocking to showcase your elf in a cute way on one of his visits.

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