2021’s Best Baby Feeding and Diaper Tracker Tools & Apps

Some parents really want to keep track of all the details about a new baby’s sleep, feeding, and diapering. When I started my new life with a newborn, a life where I saw 2 a.m. more regularly than ever before, it was with a fresh notebook by my bed that my husband and I religiously wrote down when baby Julian ate, produced chair and fell asleep. There are so many great baby feeding tools and diaper tracker out there these days (although I still love my notebook!).

We’ll keep this post updated with the latest and greatest in baby feeding and diaper tracking apps. Because there are two things in life that change in the blink of an eye; Technology and babies!

The best baby feeding and diaper tracking tools and apps of 2021

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As I found out, tracking is an important part of parenting

Sleep deprivation and sleep itself make it difficult to keep track of time. However, when our baby was old enough to start sleeping, we weren’t sure if there were any patterns (because what time was it? Were we awake for an hour or was it 10 minutes? It doesn’t matter). We turned back to the trustworthy notebook, believing that if we wrote down what happened, we could make sense of it.

For me, who was at home while “napping” with the baby, it always seemed like 20 minutes, so it was helpful to have recorded the start time for a reality check. Woman, you’ve been surfing the internet for 90 minutes. Oops.

Whether you like a notebook, a spreadsheet template (we have a printable baby tracker that you can use), or an app on your phone, here are some tools out there, some of which are brand new to the market.

The best feeding and diaper trackers

Hatch Baby Smart changing mat

Lay your baby down to switch and press a button at the same time to track their weight. This is saved and displayed in the free Hatch Baby Activity Tracker. (Can also be used without the smart changing mat) Parents can instantly compare their baby’s growth with data from the World Health Organization. Use the app to log diapers, sleep and feeding.

Hatch Baby also reminds you to take a photo every day on the app so that a video can be made at the end of the year. The video shows how your baby grows by a year in a minute. (This is sure to go viral on your Facebook friends! Or at least your family.)

Lansinohs Smart Pump Electric Double Breast Pump + App

This new pump connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and automatically logs the performance of your pumping sessions. Knowing that expressing isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, they built other tracking features into the app, like feeding and diapering. It’s all in one place. You might fall over when you see the price, but rest assured the consumer has a choice. The same pump without a bluetooth connection is much cheaper.

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

Some of the key features of this app will be most helpful for your parenting journey. Track your baby’s feedings, diaper changes, sleep, growth, milestones, and more! It offers you a customized app experience and you can add family, friends and followers!

Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

The Glow Baby App is the smartest all-in-one baby tracker! You can track your baby’s growth, monitor routines, and get involved in the supportive community. You can also follow up with caregivers and automatically sync across all devices so anyone watching or engaging with your baby is fully aware of your baby’s habits and schedule. Track breastfeeding through to diaper changes, as well as naps, expressions, and more!

Nara baby app

The Nara Baby app will help with your baby’s general routine, which will likely include mostly eating, sleeping, and pooping. This app works as both a feeding and diaper tracker. What I love most about Nara is that you can share it on multiple devices, which makes it easier for everyone to keep your baby’s schedule on the same page.

A couple of bonus apps to make parenting easier

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The best 2-for-1 breastfeeding and baby tracker app: Feeding baby

Available for iPhone and Android, this reader-recommended app enables parents to enter logs for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, solid foods, diapers, and medication.

To keep track of doctor appointments and milestones: Sprout Baby

Not only does this app keep track of the details of your baby’s daily life, it also creates an adorable little report as you add development milestones and photos. The report is newspaper-style (do you remember?) And the front page that combines age-appropriate tips with current facts about your child.

Our favorite sleep tracking tool: Huckleberry

Would you like professional sleep advice for your little one right at hand? Huckleberry is an affordable way to get the help you need. SweetSpot, their free sleep aid tool, is the best place to start. This tool provides optimal sleep time predictions and makes naps and bedtime easier by ensuring that your baby is not under tired or overtired. All you have to do is log a couple of sleep sessions and you will get these alerts.

They also offer affordable personal advice from sleep experts! You fill out a questionnaire, follow your little one’s sleep for a few days, then both the algorithm and the experts have looked at your data. From there a custom sleep plan will be created for you to follow.

Huckleberry Premium really is a great opportunity to take action without breaking the bank as you receive ongoing guides and milestone reviews. I mean, you can get expert advice tailored to your family’s needs for less than $ 20! Trust me, your sleep is worth this small investment.

Share milestones with ultimate privacy: tiny beans

This app gives you the ability to share and save photos and memories with the people you choose. It’s a great option for people who don’t enjoy posting on social media often but are far from their family with whom they want to share all the little things.

The best app to connect all your employees: Sprouting


From pregnancy to parenting, this app will help you keep everyone up to date on updates with your baby. Instead of spreading your information across all social media, you can simply keep the people you want updated on a private and secure platform that is shielded from advertising or ad targeting. It allows you to keep your reps up to date on the due date, your gift registry information, the latest pictures, and important milestones after your baby is born.

We especially love this app for people who have friends and family all over the world. Instead of a personal page, you have a family page where you can give updates on each family member and see other families’ updates! Check it out here.

# 1 app for newborns: Baby Tracker Newborn Log

This is another one that can do everything from logging care sessions to changing sleep and diaper. Plus, you can keep track of everything in one app with a sleek interface that is easy to use. See it in more detail here.

The app to find mom friends: peanut

If you’re looking for ways to bond with other women who are on the same journey, whether it be for fertility, pregnancy, or parenting, then you have to try Peanut! It’s a great way to meet women nearby. We could all use a mom or two friends!

Is there a baby app you couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Sleep deprivation and sleep itself make it difficult to keep track of time.  So some parents really want to keep track of all the details about a new baby's sleep, feeding, and diapering.  Whether you like a notebook, spreadsheet template (we have a printable baby tracker that you can use), or an app on your phone, here are some tools for a baby feeding and diaper tracker, some of which are brand new to are in the market.  #babytips #parenting #parentingtips #parentinghacks #newmomtips #tracker

frequently asked Questions

How do you keep track of newborn feeding?

You can track with pen and paper, in your phone notes, or with an app that makes tracking easy. You should make a note of which breast you fed, when it was fed, and how many ounces your baby ate.

Can both parents use the baby tracker?

With the Baby Manager App, both parents can use the tracker and stay with the feeding.

What’s the best baby tracking app?

Ovia pregnancy tracker
Pregnancy tracker and baby app
Baby Tracker Newborn Log
Hatch Baby (together with the Hatch changing mat)

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