2021 Ultimate DreamBox by Create Room Review + Coupon Code

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Have you been thinking about getting the DreamBox from Create Room? Here is everything you need to know – from tips for purchasing and which accessories are the best to setup, delivery, and customization, this DreamBox review will help you make the best decision – including a $100 coupon code – use CLARKS100 to get $100 off in the United States and the UK.

Original ScrapBox DreamBox ReivewSitting at my DreamBox

A few years ago, I shared my story about total disarray in my office and craft room.

I knew where nothing was. I would waste so much time digging through boxes to find something I KNEW I had stashed away, but I couldn’t find it.

As a result, I would end up frustrated, buying doubles (or triples…or more) of supplies I already had. I wanted to create! But it was so hard because I was so disorganized.

Then I got a WorkBox 3.0, and it totally transformed my crafting space. I finally was able to find what I needed when I needed it!

Because our business is very much craft-based, despite how much the WorkBox 3.0 helped us – over the past few years, we’ve started bursting at the seams when it comes to our supplies!

Since then, the WorkBox 3.0 was discontinued…but in its place was something better – the DreamBox!

DreamBox Fully Open

The DreamBox from Create Room is the ultimate organization tool for creative people. It took everything that people loved about the WorkBox 3.0 and made it better.

I debated about whether or not I should get one, but in the end I am SO glad I did. It has helped us organize our crafting space better, I can be more productive, and because we put it in our basement, we’re able to use it in all of our videos!

I get tons of questions about the DreamBox, so today, I am going to be sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about the DreamBox craft box. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll have everything you need to know to make a decision about whether or not it’s the right furniture for your home!

I have tried to make this review as in-depth as possible, so it is pretty long. Feel free to us the table of contents below to help you navigate to what you want to know the most – and please feel free to ask questions if you have them.

And if you are a friend in the EU, make sure you go through this link to make your DreamBox purchase and learn more!

Create Room is a partner of Clarks Condensed and provided us with a DreamBox. However, this entire review is 100% my opinion. My main purpose is to help people decide if it’s the right product for them.

DreamBox Video Review

I know some people are more visual learners, so here is a video that shares almost all of the same information that can be found below:

Coupon Code

I know that the DreamBox is expensive, and it’s certainly an investment for most people. Because of that, we are so happy to be able to offer a special $100 coupon. This is only available for purchases of the DreamBox, but just use it at checkout to get your discount!

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Occasionally there will be a better deal. If you see a picture below this showing something off, that means we are offering something even better. If there’s no deal, the $100 is the best offer currently available!

DreamBox Price

I think it’s important to share this information first. The DreamBox starts at $2199 – and that’s for all the basic features and no upgrades – which still will give you an awesome product. However, if you want to add any features to make it fit your needs more, pay for someone else to set it up, etc., the price will go up from there.

I asked the company, and the told me the average DreamBox order is $2900.

Obviously, this will be an investment, but if it’s something you feel you can afford, it’s an investment worth making. They do offer financing plans if that’s something you are interested in doing.

However, at the end of the day – if you can’t afford it, then wait for a time when you can. It’s certainly something I would recommend setting aside money for if you feel like it would be beneficial to you!


Cricut Joy machineWorking with my Cricut Joy

The ordering process for the DreamBox is so simple to do.

First, just click here to go to the “Build Your Own DreamBox” page. You will be given several different sections to make a decision about. I appreciate how easy it is to pick exactly what you want – and you can save your design for later.

Before you get started, I would recommend writing down everything that you want to be able to accomplish with your DreamBox – what supplies you want to include, where it will be in your home, what crafting you hope to do with it, etc. This will help you better determine your needs and if any upgrades are necessary.

Step One: Select a Style

There are four different exteriors to choose from – the exterior that is included is the white ergo, which is what my WorkBox 3.0 was in, and I loved it!

The other exteriors will cost you between $100 and $700 extra. I personally got the Farmhouse Gray for my DreamBox, and I love it. If you have a particular color scheme you want it to fit in with, or it’s something you can justify the expense for, this is a fun upgrade.

Here are the different options for the style:

  • White Ergo (+$100)
  • Modern White Shaker (this is new +$300)
  • Farmhouse Gray (+$700)
  • Chocolate Knotty Alder (+$700)

However, I don’t think it’s the #1 upgrade I would do if you are working with a budget.

You can also add a lighted Ergo crown at this point. Again, it’s a nice upgrade and makes it look nicer. If it was just a crown, I would probably say skip it. But the light on it is really nice looking, and it could be very helpful in low light situations.

Step Two: Choose your Tote Package

Included with every DreamBox purchase are 40 totes and 53 shelve inserts. You can pay $249 (unless it’s on sale) more for 80 totes and 77 shelves.

They recently changed the totes that are included to be their new InView Tote Track System. These free up more storage space and make it even easier to customize! No more pegs!

Unless you know for sure that you will use more totes and shelves, this is an upgrade I would wait for. I actually didn’t even use all the totes that were included with mine, but I know others may. So it all comes down to how you plan to set up your DreamBox.

Step Three: Add Drawers

This is one thing I have on my WorkBox 3.0 that I don’t. have on my DreamBox. Sometimes I miss them, sometimes I don’t!

This is a $99 upgrade.

They aren’t a very expensive upgrade, and if you have supplies that you’d like to make a little less accessible to little hands especially, I would get the drawers.

Personally I like being able to through the clear totes, and I often found myself forgetting to look in my drawers. But I think they can add a little more sturdiness and organization to your DreamBox. They look really nice, too.

Step Four:

You can either have the DreamBox sent to you in boxes, or you can select the pre-built service.

Forrest put together both our WorkBox 3.0 and our DreamBox. It took about eight hours, but the instructions were pretty good, and it wasn’t too hard.

However, if you doubt your ability to follow instructions or just don’t have the physical capabilities to put it together, this is a good option to invest in. Personally, if Forrest wasn’t able to put it together, I would have absolutely paid for this!


After you’ve made all the decisions for building your DreamBox, go to checkout. This is where you’ll want to add the code CLARKS100. Don’t forget to do that so you get $100 off.

Once you place your order, it will ship in 0-3 weeks! Yay!

ScrapBox DreamBox Coupon Code

Click here to buy and use code CLARKS100

DreamBox Accessories

DreamBox Bluetooth SpeakersDreamBox Bluetooth Speakers

Now that I’ve mentioned all the options for building it, I thought I’d mention a couple of different accessories you may want to consider to upgrade your DreamBox even more.

These are all great options to really add more function and purpose to your DreamBox. Many of them are less expensive, and I have several on my wishlist.

  • Tool Cubby – I really like the looks of this, especially for storing pens and markers
  • White Magnetic Board – if you have magnetic tools that you use frequently, this might be a nice upgrade for you. I personally have no use for this.
  • Side Tables – if you need more crafting space or you sew, these are a great upgrade. You can buy the right side table, a left-side table, or both! They slide right in!
  • Power Package – I highly recommend this. I love having these with my DreamBox. It includes a mounted power strip, a tablet/smartphone holder, and Bluetooth speakers. These can all be purchased separately as well. I really love the tablet holder especially!
  • Crafters Caddy – This includes a little trash can and cup holder that attaches right to your table. I would love this for collecting all my vinyl craps!
  • DreamBox Crown with Light
  • Shallow InView Totes – I wouldn’t mind having a few of these to maximize storage space!
  • Tray Inserts – these are great for organizing your trays better!
  • 6 DreamBox Rods – I love the rods that are included with the DreamBox. if you have a lot of ribbon or tape, you might want to get a few more.
  • DreamBox Jars – These are some of my favorite accessories I have. They are great for storing little crafting supplies and trinkets. I also store things like popsicle sticks and hot glue sticks without the lids! 16 are included with the purchase of your DreamBox.
  • Cutting Mat – I just added this to my wish list! It’s a self-healing cutting mat that was designed to fit perfectly in the DreamBox.

DreamBox Dimensions

Create Room DreamBox CraftBox  Create Room DreamBox

The DreamBox folds up nice and neatly – but it is pretty wide once you completely unfold it. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Here are the dimensions folded and unfolded for your reference. Make sure you measure before you order!

Folded – 72″ tall, 37″ wide, and 34″ deep.

Fully opened: 72″ tall, 108″ wide, and 49″ deep.


Create Room Company Delivery CrateDreamBox Crate

Delivery is pretty easy, but you need to make sure you don’t ignore any unfamiliar numbers when it comes to the delivery window time (I know, the last thing we want to do is be answering unknown calls during an election year!)

The DreamBox is shipped via a freight company, and in my experience, they will typically call you a few days before it’s set to arrive to set up a delivery time. We had to be there to sign for it.

It comes in a giant crate, which they will unload onto the driveway. It’s way too big to bring the crate into your home, so you’ll need to bring the boxes in yourself – they do strongly recommend having two people for this job.

If you don’t have a driveway, make sure you know exactly where the crate can be dropped off.

Overall, a very easy process. Make sure you thoroughly inspect everything before you start assembling to make sure there is no damage that needs to be reported.


As I already mentioned, Forrest did most of the assembly for the DreamBox.

They do recommend having two people, but that’s primarily for bringing the boxes into where you want it to be setup.

Everything comes in a variety of boxes, each of which have their own set of directions. I recommend going through each box before you get started so you know what’s inside and to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

It took Forrest about eight hours to completely set up the DreamBox – he did it over the course of a few days. He felt like the instructions were very easy to follow, and the boxes were all very well-organized.

My DreamBox Setup

Standing in front of my DreamBox

What I love about the DreamBox is how easy it is to customize it to your preferences and tastes. The shelves are all adjustable, you can remove parts in the door, and you can add different types of totes.

I mean, even with the center panel, you could easily remove all or most of the shelves if you had something larger you wanted to put there.

DreamBox Side View

My setup is fairly simple. I’ve seen people do some amazing things with their DreamBoxes, but for me, it’s all about making it easy to find what I need.

I primarily use the 12×12 clear totes. They are perfect for paper and cardstock – most of mine are in the 12×12 size.

Vinyl in DreamBox TotesVinyl in Totes

However, they are also the perfect size for putting rolls of vinyl in them! I can put about six rolls in each tote, and they fit perfectly. They also hold the boxes for my infusible ink as well.

Cricut PensPens and Markers

I like using the long, skinny totes that go in between the sections of the DreamBox for all of my pens. I’ve organized them by color, and they work perfectly in those.

DreamBox RodsDreamBox Rods

In the doors, I love the rods for ribbon and tape. Those are two items I misplace and buy extras of too often, and this keeps them so organized. I love just going off and cutting off what I need.

Cricut MatsCricut mats

One one of my doors, I actually took down some of the little shelves, installed a command hook, and it fits my Cricut mats perfectly. I can’t tell you how disorganized I have been with my mats. They were all over the place, had footprints on them, and got dirtier way faster than they should. This has been an AMAZING solution.

DreamBox JarsDreamBox Jars

We have quite a few jars in both doors of our DreamBox, and I LOVE them. I used to try and keep items like these in bags, but they always would spill or get lost. My kids especially love this.

A lot of my essential tools – like scissors, tape and glue go in the center.

Cricut MachinesCricut Machines in DreamBox

I keep all three of my Cricut machines in here, and there’s room for more. I currently keep my most used Cricut EasyPress (a 9×9 size) in here as well, but I think I will be moving a few more sizes.

I’m honestly still getting things where I like them and ensuring all my most-used supplies are in there, but it feels so organized and fresh. I love it!


Now to answer some of the top questions!

DreamBox versus WorkBox 3.0 – Should I Upgrade?

Workbox 3.0 Versus DreamBox WorkBox 3.0 Versus DreamBox

This is SUCH a common question. It’s easy to look at new products that are being released and think, “Should I have waited to get that? Should I upgrade what I have?”

If you are wondering if you should upgrade, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the WorkBox 3.0 fit my needs?
  • Is there something about the DreamBox that I love that I don’t have with the WorkBox 3.0?
  • Are there any accessories I can get to upgrade my current WorkBox 3.0?

I would say the vast majority of people can get away without upgrading – especially by adding some of the accessories I mentioned above.

In my opinion, the DreamBox is sturdier and the shelves don’t seem to fall as easily as they do in my WorkBox.

You may also be trying to decide if you should purchase a WorkBox 3.0 that someone is selling OR if you should buy a DreamBox instead. Here are a few upgrades on the DreamBox from the WorkBox.

  • DreamBox has 50% more table space 
  • Standing Height table option – I love that you can adjust the legs so you can stand or sit!
  • Swing doors have 50% more storage
  • Larger storage spaces for taller machines
  • More exterior sizes

And here is a little comparison chart:

Fold Out Table 34.75″ x 35.5″; folds down and up; Standing height option 34.75″ x 23.5″; only folds down
Swing Doors Two doors with shelves; customizable with adjustable shelves, guards, hooks and rods. 3 3/4″ deep. The left door has shelves, the right door has a velcro panel. 2″ deep.
Central Storage Space Max size for storage – 7 1/2″ tall, 35 1/4″ wide, 12 1/4″ deep; comes with three non-removable drawers. Max size for storage – 14.5 ” tall, 35 1/4″ wide, and 12 3/4″ deep. Drawers are optional and you can add them later!
Totes and Other Accesosires 79 totes; 6 larger hook; 2 metal rods; 3 narrow pockets; 5 insert trays 80 totes; 12 large hooks; 4 metal rods; 7 deep pockets; 16 jars are included; clear totes fit below the table

How easily can I move it?

The DreamBox has wheels, so it can be moved around a room. It is pretty heavy, though, so I wouldn’t try and move it on a regular basis.

If you are planning to move to another home – it’s not too difficult to move at all. We moved from another home last year, and we brought our WorkBox 3.0 (of course). We just took out all of the totes and materials, wrapped it up really well, and the movers used a dolly to move it around. Not difficult at all.

What type of space is this good for?

I think this is a great tool for crafting spaces of all types. If you live in an apartment and you have a space big enough for it to be open, it can turn any space into a crafting area. I love that!

We have ours in our basement, and it’s open almost all the time. The nice thing, though, is that it closes up pretty compactly, so it isn’t an eyesore or in the way all the time if you don’t need it to be.

Who should get a DreamBox?

There are so many types of people who could benefit from having a DreamBox. If you look at this and think, “Wow – I think I could use that…” Chance are, you probably could.

I use this for my business and for crafting. I have so many supplies, I do a lot of tutorials, and I do videos as well, so it works a great backdrop and space for me to do those.

I’ve seen people use this for:

  • Sewing
  • Paper Crafts
  • Cake Decorating
  • Homeschool
  • Jewelry Making
  • Photography
  • An office
  • Kids crafts
  • Painting
  • Pottery

And those are just at the tip of the iceberg. If you go to the Original ScrapBox website, they have tons of reviews with pictures of how people have used this to organize their homes.

What about the other furniture from The Original ScrapBox?

The Original ScrapBox Company DOES offer other products that might be more in your budget or appropriate for your space needs:

  • Her HobbyBox – this is a mini version of the Dreambox. It has less storage capacity, and it’s smaller, so it might be a great option for anyone looking for something that still packs a lot of punch but at a less expensive price. It starts at $1,495.
  • DreamCart – This is a mobile craft station. It’s a table with some shelving, extra leaves, and it’s basically just a nice crafting station. It starts at $499.
  • Sew Station – this is the best sewing table I’ve seen! It has two table leafs, a recessed area for your sewing machine, and an electric lifter to help store away your machine.

Click here to buy and use code CLARKS100

Phew! That was a LONG post, but I hope it was helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I would LOVE to help you – and if I can’t answer your question, I will find someone who can.

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