20+ Dollar Tree Organization Ideas and Tools

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Get your space organized on a budget this year with these great Dollar Tree organizing ideas and tools! Your wallet and your home will thank you.

Organization hasn’t always been my strong point (or if I’m being honest … it still isn’t). But over the years I’ve found ways to organize my life so that it works for me.

And of course – what better place for affordable and easy organizational ideas than The Dollar Tree!

I’ve shared 25+ must-buy tree tree cleaners (that actually work) before, so today I thought I’d share some of the best ways to organize your space with The Dollar Tree.

First, let’s talk about some of the best organizational tools you can get from The Dollar Tree.

I always recommend going to the store yourself because you just never know what you will find. But here are some things that you are almost always sure to find:


I love making lists. Nothing keeps you organized like being able to write down everything you need to do every day! My mother always has several yellow notepads that she uses to write lists for almost everything.

Shelf liners

Chip clips

I love having these to keep cereal, fries, and crackers fresh. We often have multiple boxes of these things open at once and I love opening my pantry and seeing it securely clip-locked – it just makes things look more organized!


Dollar Tree CalendarThis picture was from a few years ago!

Dry erase boards

Dry erase boards are perfect for keeping track of daily activities, planning meals, writing down phone messages or other daily details that you don’t want to forget. You can easily attach one of these to your fridge or your wall. They also sell dry-erase markers so get some of these too!

Here are some fun ways to use dry erase boards:


I often see the Rubbermaid brand sold in the store. These are great for lots of storage space in your home, as well as leftover food or for dinner.

laundry basket

You can read here why I love laundry baskets! They are of good quality (considering they are only $ 1) at the Dollar Tree.

A fun gift idea would be to grab one of these laundry baskets and fill it with Dollar Tree detergents (which are surprisingly good – the Awesome Cleaner is always highly recommended). Great gift for a college student or newlywed.

Here are some laundry basket DIYs:

Storage bins

Dollar Tree Bins

They have tons of different types of bags, baskets, and tubs that you can use to store toys both large and small. You can also sell your makeup, nail polish, hair gels or medication in one of the storage containers they keep.

Many people use these to organize their pantries, bathroom cabinets, or bathrooms. I think they can be great ways to separate food and snacks in a pantry.

Pill dispenser

If you take a lot of vitamins or pills every day, a pill dispenser is a must! These are also great for storing medication if you have an emergency bag in your car. They can also be a great way to store small cords and headphones or even earrings when you travel.

Office supplies

Paper clips, pens, pencils, adhesive pads, duct tape, glue, paper – you name it, you most likely have it!

Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

I scoured the internet for some of the best, most creative ideas for organizing Dollar Tree. I hope you will enjoy these:

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