20+ AMAZING Dollar Tree Storage Ideas

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No matter if bathroom or kitchen– storage is one of the most important things you can do in your home to keep it organized. With a little creativity and a few great ideas, you will find your home neat and organized in no time! Read on to find out everything the best Dollar Tree Organizational Hacks.

One of the best ways to organize your home is to sort what you have and put in storage bins or wire baskets. For some reason things just look better when put in some kind of trash can. But as you may know, storage bins can be expensive! Because of this, purchasing Dollar Shop items is a great way to save money and get more bang for your buck.

Find the perfect storage space for any room in your house with these organizational hacks on the Dollar Store! So head over to your local dollar store to get some small bins and plastic bins of various sizes and get ready to clear out that trash drawer and discover all the extra storage space you can have!

Storage solutions

Pantry organization

Keeping things neat and tidy by organizing them by color is a great idea. Dollar store bins and plastic baskets are great ways to store small items in them. Having supplies and dry goods in small baskets is the perfect way to use extra space and have easy access to what you need.

Credit: doitonadimeblog

Under the sink in the bathroom

Use containers or baskets to store makeup and makeup brushes, girls products, hair ties, cleaning supplies, extra towels, hot tools, and more.

Credit: lizmarieblog

Family command station

This family command station from pennypinchinmom is perfect for busy families. You can do this with any of the things from the dollar tree yourself.


Make a tiered tray to store your rings, air pods, hair ties, reading glasses, etc. With some super glue and spray paint, you can make a fancy tray that you can leave on your dresser or bedside table.


It’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Take this closet hack, for example. Grab some plastic containers of different sizes to store mittens, gloves, scarves, etc. You will be surprised how organized it looks and feels when you store your seasonal items in this unique way.

You can even take some metallic spray paint to change the look and color of your local dollar tree items.

Credit: Lemonslavenderandlaundry.com


If you need a place for makeup brushes, cotton balls, towels, nail polish, or cotton swabs, you will love these storage ideas. Keeping these items in plastic jars or buckets will make it easy for you or others to grab what they need. Large containers are the perfect place to store all of your extra items and they look great too!

Credit: Fabbed

Shelf space

Sometimes simple is better. Plastic buckets are the best place to keep random items in your kitchen, closet, or on your shelves.

Check out the country chiccottage for more ideas

Under the sink

For this organizational tip, you’ll need a plastic caddy, a couple of locker bins, and a couple of stack and nest storage units.

This is a great place to store plastic bags, detergents

Credit: maintainedhousesweethome.com

Hat stand

Use a coat hanger and some clips and you have a handy hat shelf that doesn’t take up much space.

Credit: Organizing Mothers

Use a shoe

Kitchen hacks:

  • Store cupcake tins in a mason jar
  • Use a wire organizer to store your cutting boards (Credit: thatswhatchesaid)

  • Use a pencil holder to store spices
  • Command hook for storing unusually shaped objects (mixing bowl attachments) inside a cabinet
  • DIY spice rack made from refrigerated shelf (tutorial can be found here)
  • Get small containers to keep fresh produce in your refrigerator
  • Use mason jars to store utensils. Just use spray paint to get them the color of your choice.

Storage options

Here are some of the best storage bins and options you can find on the Dollar Tree.

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