20+ Amazing Cricut Hacks to Make Crafting a Little Easier

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What Makes Cricutting Even Better? Cricut hacks! Here are 20+ hacks to make your crafting life a little more fun!

Cricut hacks you must try

Using your Cricut is a great way to create all kinds of custom needlework. But if you’re as into tinkering as I do, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to make your projects easier.

These amazing Cricut hacks can help you improve your crafting skills while getting the most of your Cricut at the same time!

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Tinkering with your Cricut is a popular way to use the cutting machine. This is why there are so many great Cricut hacks related to crafting! These simple tips will make putting together your next Cricut craft project a lot easier.

Peel your mat off the project.

Most craftsmen use their fingers or their favorite Cricut tool to peel their paper or vinyl off the mat. But if you do, you risk bending or tearing your project. Instead, turn the mat over and peel the mat from the material. This allows you to place your project on a flat surface like the table so that it stays flat when the mat is removed.

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Clean your mat with a lint roller.

If you notice tiny bits of paper and hair on your Cricut mat, just use a lint roller. Roll over the mat to easily remove any stuck residue.

Click here for more tips and detailed instructions on cleaning your Cricut mat.

Clean your blades with aluminum foil.

Your Cricut blades can quickly become stuck with mat glue and tiny pieces of paper, making them appear dull. To clean your blade, ball a piece of aluminum foil together and insert the blade into the ball a few times.

You can also just use a large strip of aluminum foil and scratch it with the blade. Some people cut out an entire design in foil and find that helps too!


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Use an SVG converter to convert PNG and JPEGs to cut files.

An online SVG converter like SVG Creator is an easy way to convert files to SVG cut files. Just upload the file and click Convert to create a cut file in seconds.

Check the cut before unloading the mat.

If you’re not sure if your Cricut has cut all the way through your material, double-check the cut before unloading the mat.

If the project wasn’t completely cut, you can press the Go or blinking C button on your computer to tell Cricut to make the exact same cuts again. However, if you unload and reload the mat, the Cricut may not cut the design in the same place.

Use scraps of vinyl with the Snap Mat feature.

Instead of throwing away scraps of vinyl when you’re done with your next project, keep them. If you have a project with small cuts, put the scraps on your mat and snap a photo of your mat.

Upload the photo to your phone using the Cricut app and use the Snap Mat feature to organize your designs on your vinyl waste.

Weed intricate designs with a lint roller.

For paper projects with intricate designs, use your lint roller. Simply roll the lint roller over the top of the paper to quickly and easily remove all of the tiny bits without weeding.

Place weed remnants on the lint roller

Alternatively, you can simply pull out your lint roller, remove weeds as usual and place the remains of weeds on the lint roller. This makes cleaning much easier and you don’t have these annoying weed residues everywhere!

Use baby powder to see cut lines.

When removing a design from your vinyl project, it can be difficult to see the cut lines without a light box. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder over the vinyl and rub it in. The powder highlights the cut lines and makes weeding easier.

You can also use makeup powder or cornstarch for the same results.

Use duct tape to extend the life of your mat.

If your mat is near the end of its life, you might be tempted to toss it and buy a new one. However, with the help of duct tape, you can add a few more projects to its lifespan. Just use the tape to hold your vinyl to the mat while your Cricut cuts and remove the tape when you are ready to start weeding.

Compressed air for blade cleaning

Are you having problems with your blades? They may need cleaning. Using a little compressed air can come out some of those smaller pieces of debris that are harder to get out of!

Wrap the masking tape around your hand

This is a quick way to pick up waste from your project. Just wrap some duct tape or painter’s tape around your hand and walk around on your mat to pick up pieces!

Use contact paper or press ‘n Seal’ as transfer tape

It’s no secret that Cricut transfer ribbons don’t have a good reputation. Many people prefer contact paper or press’ n seal as an alternative!

Did you mirror memory

Did you mirror

I don’t know about you, but I always forget to flip my iron on projects! If you’re like me (please tell me I’m not the only one!) Then make a vinyl sticker that says “Have you mirrored?” put directly on your machine!

Click here for the picture I took above!

edit text

Is the text you are working with too close together (or not close enough?) Do you find the curve tool limiting? I wish it was just a little different.

You’re lucky! You can press ungroup after selecting your text. This makes each letter its own element. You can move them around however you want, and when you’re done – just regroup and weld!

Cut a large mat in half

If you need a 12 × 12 mat and only have one 12 × 24 mat, you can definitely cut your 12 × 24 in half if you have one left!

Temperatures on Easy Press

If you always pull up the Easy Press heat pipe to check temperatures, you can put a vinyl decal on the front of your Easy Press to show the common temperatures, times and materials you are working with.

Preview all of your fonts on your computer


If you don’t like going through all of the fonts to find the perfect one, you can preview the text you want all at once! Just go to wordmark.it, enter your text and it will show you all the fonts on your computer!

Fantastic spray for cleaning mats

If you are a Dollar Tree fan there are so many things you should love about Awesome Spray! I need to do some research on cleaning mats, but the Awesome Spray is great for cleaning mats.

Resticky your mat

Zig 2-way adhesive

Nobody wants to have to constantly replace their mats. Two tools that you can use to re-glue your mats are Zig-2-Way Glue and Krylon Repositionable Adhesive. I personally love the Zig-2way glue! Works perfectly.

Foam pen handles for non-Cricut pens and markers!

As much as I love Cricut pens and markers, sometimes you want to use something different. Many people find that dollar tree pencil handles make it possible to use a variety of pens.

You can read this blog post with instructions on how to do this!

Credit card for application

Credit Card on Cricut Mat

Have you misplaced your scraper tool that allows you to apply your material evenly to your mat? Just pull out one of your credit or debit cards. It will help in no time!

Simply pick up the map material

Picking up cards from your Cricut mat can be tricky! Dip a pair of tweezers in a small piece of glue and it should be easier to peel it off your mat.

Cricut organization hacks

It’s so hard to organize all of your Cricut craft supplies! Fortunately, there are a few great hacks for your Cricut that will help you stay organized while you craft.

Check out this post for even more craft and Cricut storage ideas!

Keep your tools in your Cricut.

Did you know that the space in the door of your Cricut is actually designed for your tools? The next time you’re done with a project, place your tools like the weed control tool, blades, and scissors in the door. They will stop when you close the door and the next time you open it when you use your machine.

Use dish baskets to store vinyl rolls.

Dollar Tree dish baskets are a great way to store your vinyl rolls. Just push the rolls into the slots in the rack to avoid storing your vinyl rolls.

Hang your mats to keep them clean.

When mats are placed on a table or shelf, they are more likely to collect dust and dirt. By hanging them on other objects, you can keep them neat while staying organized.

IKEA shopping bag holder for vinyl rolls

These are so cheap (when bought in the store) and are great for storing vinyl!

Command hook for mats


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I personally use a command hook on my DreamBox to hold up all of my mats, but you can easily attach a command hook to the back of a door, wall, etc to keep your mats off the floor and keep them clean.

Did we miss your favorite hack or tip? Be sure to share the comments!

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