150 Amazing 6 Letter Boy Names for your Next Baby!

If you are looking for 6 letter boy names for your new baby, you’ve come to the right place! We scoured hundreds of names to find popular and unique boy names, then divided them into categories for easy selection. We’ve even given the meanings of the names in case you’re interested.

150 amazing 6 letter boy names for your next baby!

6 letter boy names

Strong 6 letter boy names

Looking for powerful names? You’re not alone. Many mothers and fathers want to choose a strong name for their son. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Andrew: Strong and manly
  • Alaric – Almighty Ruler
  • Harvey-Battle Worthy
  • Denzel: From the stronghold
  • Different – strong and masculine
  • Batair – strong warrior
  • Kathal – Mighty in battle
  • Hunter – One who hunts
  • Adrian – Holy Fire
  • Marcus-martial and / or hammer
  • Denzel – powerful
  • Oswald – Divine Power
  • Archer-Bowman
  • Winner – Winner, Conqueror
  • Edrick: Rich and powerful

Unique 6 letter boy names

Some parents want their child’s name to be unique and often try to look for rare names or come up with creative ways to make the name stand out.

Here are some suggestions to get you started. (You can try swapping a letter or two to make the name even more unique!)

Baby names

  • Landen – A variant of Langdon or Landon, long hill
  • Kapono- the good
  • East-east orientation
  • Matias – gift of God
  • Maxton – greatest
  • Callum- Wo
  • Lucien – A variation of Lucius, light
  • Riftyn: No clear meaning yet
  • Maddox – son of Madoc
  • Hernan: Someone who loves adventure
  • Jensen: A variation of Jason, Jens’ son
  • Gerard Speer strength, brave
  • Holter-small wood of the forest
  • Payton – A variation on Peyton who fights for human inheritance
  • Tobias – God is good

Futuristic 6 letter boy names

Star Wars and SpaceX got people to look up at the sky again and talk about space travel. Needless to say, people are pondering modern names that would be appropriate for a trip to Mars. Who knows, one day your child might pay a visit there!

Here are some examples of six letter boy names that are completely futuristic.

  • Martin: From Mars, warlike
  • Apollo – to destroy
  • Zaiden- Increasing, excess
  • Marvin Sea friend
  • Matteo- A variation of Matthew, God’s gift
  • Zander defender of men
  • Orikon – A variation of Orik
  • Gunnar fighters
  • Zephyr west wind
  • Steele: One who came out of steel
  • Cashel Castle, stone fortress
  • Alaric noble ruler
  • Anakin warrior
  • Callen rock
  • Lucius light

Nordic Inspired 6 Letter Boy Names

Nordic names date back to ancient times, but they’re making a comeback thanks to a popular Viking TV series. Their names usually weld powerful meanings as the Vikings pride themselves on their fighting skills.

To be honest, I just think these names are pretty cool! Look at her.

  • Yorick form of George
  • Wyborn war bear
  • Torgny guns clatter
  • Sorley Viking
  • Skerry-Stony Island
  • Roscoe Deer Forest
  • Rikard – Brave and Strong
  • Ragnar: A wise warrior
  • Asmund – Divine Protection
  • Balder – light bearer
  • Birger: One who helps
  • Bjarke Bear
  • Bj√∂rn – Another name that means bear
  • Brandt sword
  • Calder – Rough and cold water

Famous 6 letter boy names

6 letter boy names

It is not uncommon to name babies after famous people. You can be your favorite actor or singer! Here are some examples of famous actors with six-letter boy names.

  • Robert-Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., Robert De Niro
  • Samuel-Samuel Jackson, Sam Elliot
  • Edward-Edward Norton,
  • Wesley-Wesley snipers
  • Adrian-Adrian Lester, Adrian Dunbar, Adrian Holmes
  • Emmett-Emmett Brown
  • Ronald-Ron Weasley (from Harry Potter)
  • Justin – Justin Bieber, Justin Bartha
  • Jeremy-Jeremy Renner, Jeremy London
  • Oliver – Oliver Phelps, Oliver Cooper, Oliver Hudson
  • Rodney-Rodney Roldan, Rodney Dangerfield, Rodney Atkins
  • Thomas-Thomas Hobson, Thomas Carter,
  • Gordon-Gordon Ramsay, Gordon MacRae, Gordon Currie,
  • Joseph-Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joseph Fiennes,
  • Morgan-Morgan Freeman

Classic names

I love classic names inspired by the east coast. According to some surveys, these names are popular on the east coast, including places like New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida.

  • Daniel God is my judge
  • Cooper – A barrel maker
  • Connor – lover of wolves, dogs
  • Declan: Full of goodness
  • Thomas twin
  • Jordan: To flow down
  • Carson son of swamp people
  • Elijah – Yahweh is God
  • Joseph: He will add
  • Darryl darling
  • Dillion loyal, loyal
  • Philip – friend of horses, loving
  • Norman-Northerner
  • Nathan – gift of God
  • Marcus – warlike

Earthy free spirited names

I love the names on this list. They are perfect if you are looking for something with a free spirited and wild feel to it.

  • Harlow-Rocky Hill
  • Barclay birch meadow
  • Marley – Pleasant wood
  • Indigo Indian dye
  • Shade singers, singing sweetly
  • Falcon – Relating to falconry
  • Spruce – an evergreen tree
  • Oakley Meadow of Oaks
  • Canyon footpath, gorge
  • Clover: Good luck, key
  • Forest-Woodsman from the woods
  • Holden Hollow Valley
  • Stormy – like a storm
  • Theron Hunter
  • Weston-western city from the west

Unisex names

Unisex names are very popular these days. They are especially good choices if you are waiting to be surprised by the gender of the baby at birth. In this way you can assign a name beforehand that definitely fits!

Here are my favorite 6 letter unisex boy names!

6 letter boy names

  • Jessie: He sees
  • Taylor: A variation of Schneider to cut
  • Jackie Supplanter, God is gracious
  • Dakota – friend, kind
  • Morgan Sea Defender, Sailor
  • Leslie Garden of the Holy
  • London – Great River
  • Hayden Hedge, secured valley
  • Tracey fighter, belligerent
  • Peyton – Battle for Man’s Estate
  • Billie-Resolute Protector
  • Finley – blond hero
  • Bailey bailiff, officer
  • Harper harp player
  • Parker parking attendant

Traditional 6 letter boy names

If you prefer to go the old-fashioned route and go with a traditional name, here are some examples of six letter boy names that have been passed down for many decades. Some of these names have historical origins from different countries.

  • Carter transporter of goods
  • Colton: Out of the coal, dark city
  • George earthworkers, farmer
  • Steven-Crown, wreath
  • Edmund – rich protection, rich protector
  • Norman-Northerner from the north
  • Alfred Counsel
  • Julius – fluffy-bearded
  • Dustin-Brave Fighter, Thor’s Stone
  • Roland Fame Land, from a famous land
  • Stuart Guardian
  • Gerber leather manufacturer
  • Rafael – God heals
  • Arnold Eagle Force, Brightness
  • Dennis – follower of Dionysius, the god of wine

Popular characters

If you are a bookworm or a movie lover, you can name your baby after one of your favorite fictional characters. In some cases, the meaning of the name illustrated the character’s purpose in the story.

Here are some names of memorable six letter characters.

  • Mickey-Mickey Mouse from Disney
  • Ronald-Harry Potter’s best friend, Counsel Rule
  • Gaston – Beauty and the Beast
  • Lennon-John Lennon of the Beatles
  • Gideon-Zootopia, Feller or Hewer
  • Ferris-Ferris Bueller’s day off
  • Hubert-Disney’s brave, bright mind
  • Jasper-101 Dalmatians, Treasurer
  • Randall: This is Us’s TV show
  • Mufasa – The Lion King, the Brave King or the Chosen One
  • Holmes or Watson-Sherlock Holmes
  • Wilbur – The rescuers Down Under
  • Sawyer TV Series Lost
  • Edward-Twilight (The Vampire Series), Guardian or Protector
  • Samson – A biblical character known for his superhuman strength

Hope you enjoyed looking through this list and imagining what your cute boy might be called! While I certainly have my own favorites, in my opinion you really can’t go wrong with the name you choose.

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