15 Summer Pregnancy Outfits You Need from Sundresses to Loungewear

Being pregnant can be tough, and when you add in the summer weather it can become a real struggle. You need clothes that will keep you cool (and still look like the smoking hot mom that you are!). Below we’ve pulled some of our favorite summer pregnancy outfits. And hey, we think some of them are so good that we’d wear them even after we got pregnant!

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Maternity loungewear

Comfortable clothing is the best clothing, and even more so if you are pregnant in the summer. Light and flowing are an absolute must for summer maternity outfits. The pieces we’ve collected below are not only comfortable, light, and flowing, but also super cute! You can wear them both around the house and on the go.

STORQ 3-piece lounge set

Maternity loungewear

I love that the loose fit of this summer pregnancy outfit allows it to adapt to your changing body. Plus, this is a 3 piece set that you can wear all together or individually. It is made of a particularly soft and light cotton-elastane jersey, which may be my new favorite material.

PinkBlush Maternity Biker Short Sleep Set

Maternity loungewear

Who is a fan of biker shorts here? I have to admit that it is me and I really love the way they look with a baby bump. This set from PinkBlush comes in a couple of different colors, but this grate is my favorite by far.

French terry jogger maternity overall

Maternity loungewear

Pajamas or dinner date outfit; This maternity overall can do it all. This is definitely one of those outfits that you can wear both during pregnancy and after giving birth. The biggest benefit of all is that you don’t have to worry about what to pair with it, just throw it on and you’re good to go!

ASOS mix-and-match sets

summer maternity outfit

ASOS always presents itself with adorable maternity wear. They currently have tons of different mix-and-match sets so you can pretty much create an entire maternity wardrobe with just a few pieces. The set pictured above is the waffle set in oatmeal with the buttoned top.

This top is also great when you start breastfeeding as you can easily open the buttons for access!

Maternity and puerperium lounge shorts made from bamboo

summer maternity outfit

Kindred Bravely recently introduced these new shorts. They are made of breathable bamboo fabric and are therefore the perfect addition to any summer pregnancy outfit. I think it’s great that the seams on the front look a bit chic.

Everyday summer maternity outfits

Are you looking for the perfect piece when you want to be casual yet cute? These everyday outfits are perfect for this. Yes, we included two overalls, but trust us, they’re easy enough to get in and out of when you’re at the point where the toilet breaks seem endless!

Hatch The Frankie Jumpsuit

Pregnancy outfits for the summer

If you are planning a date this jumpsuit is absolutely perfect! The adjustable straps help you get the perfect amount of support and make the jumpsuit easy to put on and take off.

Old Navy maternity rollover shorts

summer maternity outfit

These Old Navy shorts are all the rage and I can definitely see why! They have an adjustable drawstring roll-over waistband so they adapt to your changing body. You can find them in different colors and patterns. Old Navy also makes great, affordable maternity tank tops and t-shirts that go perfectly with them.

A Pea in the Pod Tencel maternity shorts

summer maternity outfit

I love the shortall trend and I think these are the perfect pair to complete a trendy summer maternity outfit. They are soft and oversized so you can wear them from the first to the third trimester. Combine them with a simple tank top or t-shirt underneath and you have a great look!

PinkBlush White tiered maternity top

summer maternity outfit

Everyone has their favorite t-shirt that they always reach for in their closet. This is the pregnancy version of it. It’s easy enough to dress up or dress up and looks great on anyone. It also comes in over 10 different colors!

Summer maternity dresses

Reasons to love clothes; They are so easy to put on, look adorable with a bump, and keep you cool. Whether you are looking for something for a casual day out, having a wedding for this summer, or looking for the perfect baby shower dress, you will find the perfect dress below!

PinkBlush smocked dress with floral pattern

summer maternity outfit

Everyone should wear a bright yellow pregnancy dress to show off their growing belly. This one is my favorite because it’s double lined so you don’t have to worry about it being see-through! It is also very comfortable thanks to the elastic waistband.

Walmart summer sleeveless bodycon dress

summer maternity outfit

Bodycon dresses are a great way to show off your belly, and this one is only $ 15! Not to mention, this is another outfit that is easy to put on or take off depending on what you pair it with.

H&M MAMA dress with a tie belt

Summer maternity dress

This dress gives me beach vacation vibes! It’s made of lightweight woven material that will keep you cool. Just remember that it is not fed so you need to plan accordingly.

ASOS Maternity midi dress with light poppy print

Pregnancy outfits for the summer

If you are looking for something more elegant, this dress is absolutely stunning. I think the bright poppy print is perfect for summer.

Hatch The Erika Dress

Hatch maternity dress

This perfectly flowing gauze dress is made for summer. You will feel like you are hardly wearing anything, which is really the goal when looking for a summer maternity outfit!

A pea in a maternity dress with embroidery by Pod Pietro Brunelli

summer maternity outfit

This dress is timeless and classic, but the wave hem and the off-the-shoulder sleeves give it that certain something. This would be a great option for the baby shower!

When it comes to maternity wear, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you are proud of your changing body. Being pregnant in summer isn’t a walk in the park, but the nice weather gives you the opportunity to wear great outfits that really show off your belly!

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