14 Virtual Relief Society Activities

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If you are looking for Activities for Relief Society during Covid-19 then read on! We have an amazing list of Virtual Relief Society activities as well as Drive-by activities for Relief Society. Keep the women in your community connected and united with this fun Social distancing activities.

We currently live in a world where personal Relief Society activities take place are no longer held and virtual or Drive-by activities are more common. Although the activities of Relief Society are different, it does not mean that they must all stop together. It’s still so important too Stay connected and unified in these uncertain times.

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, everything seemed to have come to a standstill. We were asked to stop meeting in groups, to stay home, and to keep social distance. This was taken seriously and as we all know the church stopped and everything was done in our homes. Not only were the Sunday meetings canceled, but the activities too.

Most Relief Society organizations have monthly or quarterly activities. These usually take place in church and are a wonderful opportunity to visit, learn, share, and gather. Due to Covid, most Relief Society had to get creative when it came to activities.

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From now on in the spring of 2021 we will slowly return to church. Some areas may even return to meet face-to-face for activities. Keeping in touch is so important, and the Relief Society organization thrives on meeting. Even if you can’t meet in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t hold meetings on weekdays.

We’ve put together a great list of virtual and social distancing activities that anyone can enjoy.

What is a virtual activity?

A virtual activity uses technology to stay connected. Usually, you can use your phone, iPad, Kindle, computer, or laptop. Use a platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts to virtually reach out.

Tips for a successful virtual activity

Some stations called a technology specialist to help with Relief Society and Zoom meetings. This is a great opportunity to help others feel needed and to help others with technology. Before starting any virtual activity, do what you can to prepare the ladies in your community.

  • Submit step-by-step instructions on how to use Zoom or Google Hangouts. Consider doing so via email, Facebook, The Gospel Living App, or any other communication tool your community has established.
  • Ask the ministers to reach out to their ladies to see if they need help figuring out the technology and to arrange for someone to help in advance
  • If an activity requires supplies, be sure to hand them in beforehand.
  • Be patient! Many women are not used to using zoom and may find it frustrating or confusing. Roll the punches, expect mishaps and have fun. The more you do it, the easier it becomes for most.

What is a distance social activity?

While virtual activities are wonderful and a great way to stay connected, some women may crave more personal interaction. As the regulations become easier, you may find that you are able to conduct “drive-by” activities, or activities that allow sisters to gather together, while continuing to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  • A drive-by activity is an activity where women can drive by and do either a reward, a hand, or a short activity. Often times, it can be held in a church parking lot or in front of someone’s house.
  • Encourage your area to wear masks if necessary.
  • When you can meet outside where there is plenty of room for social distancing. If possible, you can do various activities while maintaining a distance of two meters.
  • Even drive-by activities give you the opportunity to see your sister’s faces. To visit and connect. Even small interactions can make a big difference.

Virtual and drive-by Relief Society activities

Game night

There are so many fun games to play virtually with Zoom. Have the Zoom host assigned breakout rooms so you can play in smaller groups.

Here is a list of over 30 games to play online or virtually, as well as a list of our favorite family and friendly games to play on Jack Box TV.

Book club

Pick a book that anyone can read, then gather at Zoom to discuss the book. Pick a few people who are prepared to have questions and conversation starters about the book. Breakout rooms would work well for this too. Engage the groups when a new question is discussed.

Virtual tour through church-historical sights

Church history sites like Nauvoo are currently offering virtual tours. Many young missionaries are responsible and would love to see you participate! You can call and schedule an appointment or use one of the recorded videos. First, go to the church’s website and then visit each of their Facebook pages to see what is available. Watch Zoom together as a Relief Society.

Chalk art challenge

Hand in chalk ahead of time and have each person create chalk art. You can give topics like scriptures, church history, inspirational quotes, etc. to get the creative juices flowing. Let each person take it in turns to zoom in on their creation. You can also upshift it and give anyone who wants to join someone else’s ride a chance to decorate with chalk. Show your works of art virtually.


This is a simple, fun, and fast paced game that is easy to make virtually. Use breakout rooms and give in BINGO cards early. Keep track of who’s winning and hand in small prizes the next day.

This website has super cute church-themed BINGO boards

Drive By Lemonade Stand – “When Life Gives You Lemons”

Get individually wrapped sodas and cookies and set up a table in the church parking lot. Make it as chic or simple as you want, but you can decorate it with yellow balloons, banners, a tablecloth, or whatever you want. Attach a hand of your choice (think of an inspirational quote or scripture passage) to the lemonade and let the ladies drive by and grab the treat. Visit as needed and they can move on when you’re done.

Drive past the Food Bank

Stand in the church parking lot and ask each person to drive by and drop off some canned food that will be donated to your local food bank. Hand out a reward as a thank you.

Would you rather ask

You can enjoy this game virtually or at a distance of two meters if possible. This page has some clean, family-friendly church questions that make great conversation.

Ability classes

Let several women take a few minutes to share a skill. This can be recorded virtually in real time or in advance. Different skills can be: how to make frosting, how to decorate a cake, how to change a tire, how to start an online business, how to use Instagram or Facebook, how to cut hair, how to create an Instagram roll, etc. The possibilities are endless

Drive-by parade

Have the Relief Society general presidency drive through the neighborhoods or houses within your ward, throwing candy, waving, playing music, or using folks. Invite sisters to sit in front of their homes for the entertainment!

Video montage

Ask each sister to send in a short 30-second clip introducing themselves, sharing a talent, or something unique. Compile all of the clips into one video that can be played via zoom.

Some women may find this difficult for a variety of reasons. Be willing to volunteer to record the video for them, especially if they are not good at technology. For that extra touch, give each person a bag of microwave popcorn for them to enjoy while watching the show.

Virtual auction

Did everyone come to Zoom to auction something? This could be a baked good, a craft, a favorite soap, etc. or a service (babysitting, cooking food, teaching them how to do something) and then assigning a certain number of points to each. Assign someone to be the auctioneer and then go through each person and auction their items.

You can also do this personally and socially distance yourself outdoors.

Talent show

Have each sister be willing to share a talent or demonstrate a skill. If they prefer, they can pre-record it and the Zoom meeting host can share their screen to watch together.

Themed night

Pick a topic and let everyone come to Zoom to chat and relax. Different topics can be:

  • wear a stupid hat
  • wear stupid socks
  • dress up as your favorite character
  • Pajama night
  • crazy hair night

This is sure to break the ice! Use the breakout rooms for smaller groups to visit. Switch around every five minutes to make sure everyone has a chance to talk to different people. Most women just want to visit and catch up – especially since we haven’t been able to attend personal church or Relief Society for that long.

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