12 Ways to Use Resurrection Eggs® to Tell the Easter Story

Easter is a time for chocolate eggs, bunnies and the hunt for baskets in a leafy grass garden on a sunny day on Sunday. But does any of these things have to do with the real meaning of Easter and what is it about?

The true Easter story is about God who loves and sends his own Son to live on earth and then die to pay for our sins so that we can spend eternity with him in heaven. Trying to teach this story to our children can be very difficult, but using Resurrection Eggs® can help them understand the concept of everything.

FamilyLife has put together 12 ways to tell the Easter story with Resurrection Eggs®. Some of these ways to tell the Easter story can be with family, friends, Sunday school, or many other ways!

Click here to read 12 ways you can use Resurrection Eggs® to tell the Easter story!

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