10 Best Alarm Clocks for Kids from Toddlers to Kindergarten!

Alarm clocks are the best way to teach your toddlers and children how to tell the time. The best alarm clocks for kids are the ones that use colors, lights, sounds, and alarm clocks. These will help your child understand when it is time to get up or stay calm in the morning. Alarm clocks can also be used for timed independent play or reading. Several alarms on this list can be used over a number of years. These have a style function that grows with them, including toddler-friendly lights and a fully digital clock.

Best alarm clocks for toddlers

As your child begins to sleep in their own bed, teaching them to get up can be difficult. Also, if your kids are like our early risers, getting them to stay in their bedroom for rest before the day starts can be difficult. Alarm clocks at this age are usually referred to as sleep trainers. This is an alarm clock-like device that uses colored lights to alert your child when to get up and when to stay tired.

1: Wake Up night light from Tomshine

This is a great beginner alarm clock as it uses a gentle alarm instead of a classic alarm clock. The simple design offers a large bedside lamp with a digital clock in the base. There is a touch sensor on the top that allows you to adjust the color and brightness and set the alarm clock.

The base plays nature sounds that can be used as music to wake up. There is also a nice sunrise simulation.

2: HatchBaby Rest nursery night light

Luke alarm clock

One of the most popular kids’ watches, the HatchBaby Rest Nursery Night Light has three different functions that you will love! It’s a night light, a sound machine, and an alarm. The design is simple with a no-button layout, which makes it a great option for kids’ rooms. You can control the light with an app. This allows you to adjust the color, alarm times and brightness.

This lamp was also developed to grow with your child. It starts out as a dim light in the nursery, then turns into a night light and then a wake-up alarm as they get older.

3: Five Home children’s alarm clock

best alarm clock for kids

Another great option to grow with you is this children’s alarm clock from Five Home. The base has a luminous digital clock and three buttons for controlling the alarm and light functions. This alarm clock has a night light timer and wake up light so younger kids know when it is okay to get up. It also has a dual alarm with weekday options that allow you to customize your schedule.

The light color, five nature sounds and the alarm volume also make it a great child alarm to grow with, as you can change the settings as your child progresses from toddler to kindergarten age.

4: OK! Waking up Mirari

best alarm clock for toddlers

For a simple toddler-specific alarm clock, try the Ok! Waking up Mirari. This little spherical device has a screen that turns green every morning when it is time to get up and get up. There are two larger buttons on the front, one to snooze the light function and another to turn off the light.

The design of this clock makes it look like a toy, a friendly tool to teach kids the basics of your morning routine. This is especially useful for children who get up early and need a gentle reminder of when the day is starting.

5: LittleHippo Mella is ready to get up


The last toddler alarm clock has a simple round design. As for looks, it’s a uniquely modern take on the classic alarm clock. This ready-to-drive device has a white housing and a black digital dial.

However, it’s not your average watch face, ranging from sleep to wakefulness. A ring of light surrounds the face and changes colors to help your little one understand. It’s light blue for sleep, yellow for a quiet playtime before the wake-up time, and green for the wake-up time to start the day. Other features include three alarm tones, three sleep tones and an alarm or a silent countdown for timed daily events.

Best alarm clock for kids from preschool to kindergarten kid

Looking for a new alarm clock for kindergarten? Many of the toddler alarm clocks mentioned above will work just fine for that age too! However, below are the best alarm clocks for actual learning. All of these fantastic children’s alarm clocks have a real clock function and not just lights and sounds to signal changing times.

6: Claessen’s Kids My first alarm clock

best alarm clock for kids

This alarm clock combines the classics with the funny lights of a sleep trainer. The clock is made up of two round dials, one larger dial for the actual clock that uses analog hands to indicate the time along with a small digital clock in the base. The dial of this watch glows white at night. The second smaller dial shows a picture of a sleeping child and a playing child. One half of this dial will glow when it’s time to sleep and the other half when it’s time to get up. There are three alarm tones and each alarm gradually increases the volume to gently wake you up.

7: Teach Me Time talking alarm clock for kids

best alarm clock kids

Looking for the best kids alarm clock that can also teach them to tell the time? The Teach Me Time children’s alarm clock is a simple alarm clock in design and function. This round alarm clock has a white case with a yellow dial and two simple front buttons. The face of this watch has a digital display and hands that give your child two ways to learn the time.

The face glows yellow and turns green when it is okay to wake up. The alarm clock also has a snooze feature so kids can learn how to use their first alarm clock as they grow up.

8: Wake Up Light Sunrise alarm clock

Alarm clock for the kindergarten

This is my favorite multifunctional children’s alarm clock radio on the market. It’s great for heavy sleepers too if you’re looking for an option for yourself! The light is supposed to simulate the sunrise and thus enable a gentle and natural wake up for your little one. It has 7 different colors and the brightness can be adjusted.

You could use this as a sleep training alarm clock as you assign meaning to your little one to the different colors!

9: Children’s alarm clock and sleep training clock

best alarm clock for toddlers

This is both a children’s alarm clock and a sleep trainer in one. The design takes the classic alarm clock shape and turns it into a fun blue figure that helps kids tell the time. There is a digital face that switches from sleeping to waking. There is also a ring of light around the face to let the kids know when it is time to sleep, wake up and play. There are two large buttons on the top for easy control and several small buttons on the back for adjusting the settings. This is a great first alarm clock that can grow with your child.

10: ROCAM alarm clock

Alarm clock for the kindergarten

When it comes to alarm clocks for 5-year-olds, the cuteness factor must be taken into account. This is a great alarm clock for kids in kindergarten. It has a fun owl shape with a digital clock. This clock is ideal for kids learning their numbers, reading the time, or waking up on time. The owl glows in different colors in its back and glows green when it is time to wake up. Other features include a nap timer, lullaby / white noise and it’s battery operated. Children can easily set the alarm themselves.

11. Unicorn alarm clock

best alarm clock for kids

If you have a little unicorn lover, you have to get them this adorable alarm clock. It glows in several different bright colors. The clock is very easy to read and even has a temperature display. It contains a snooze function and 8 different alarm songs. That would be the best alarm clock for 5 year old girls!

Finding your perfect partner on this list of cool alarm clocks for kids will transform your morning routine completely. They will also give your child a head start in learning the time.

frequently asked Questions

At what age should a child have an alarm clock?

While many parents let their child start with an alarm clock from the age of 5, we recommend introducing an alarm clock as soon as they switch from the cot to the large cot. Alarm clocks with light functions can teach you when it is okay to wake up and get up!

Which alarm clock color is best for sleeping?

Alarm clocks with different light options can act as night lights and even as a gradual alarm. Dim, warm lighting is what most people prefer.

Are light alarm clocks worthwhile?

Alarm clocks with a light function are definitely worthwhile for small children. You may not be able to tell the time yet, but you can tell when different colors mean bedtime and wake up time.

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