10 Back to School Traditions to Start

6. Backpack filling party

School supplies can be quite expensive these days. It can be a strain on a family’s budget at times. When your family is fine and you have friends who can help other families, throw a backpacking party for the kids.

Guests can bring various items that are on the school supplies list. Have backpacks ready, either new or carefully used, and set up an assembly line so the children can fill their bags. You can let the children play and eat afterwards.

If you wish, you can deliver backpacks to local programs that help children in need of school supplies. Be sure to call these organizations ahead of time to see if they will need any specific accessories for boys or girls.

7. Pack a special lunch

Send your kids to school with a lunch full of their favorite foods. Bento boxes are a fun way to pack different options for them. They can even include a special note from you in their lunch!

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    All parents are waiting for back to school for their kids as soon as they get relief from Global Pandemic.


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